The Haunting of Bly Manor Review

I, like many people, binge watched the new Netflix release The Haunting of Bly Manor and I loved it. Created by the same people as The Haunting of Hill House, this show does not disappoint in any way. I do have to say that while the two shows are created by the same people and have some of the same actors, the stories are completely different and unique. The two shows have to be judged independently and shouldn’t be compared to one another because they are so different. 



The show is about an American teacher, Danni, who gets a job as an au pair for orphaned siblings, Miles and Flora, after their first governess dies. Running away from her own ghosts, Dani comes to Bly Manor, a secluded countryside mansion with a dark history. However, the dark history of the house is unknown to all that live and work there. Between flashbacks and the present day we are finally able to piece together the whole story of Bly Manor and of Dani. 


Firstly, don’t go into the show expecting many scares like Hill House. Instead, it is very atmospheric and suspenseful. The gothic atmosphere is very tangible and, while dark, it’s very beautiful to watch. The story is a ghost story, but at its core is actually a love story that’s set in a haunted house. It’s a really beautiful yet tragic story that surrounds the viewer, leaving you thinking about it for days after finishing it. 


Ehud Neuhaus

The Haunting of Bly Manor is perfectly executed. There is just enough tension and suspense to keep you hooked but not get overly anxious. The child actors do a wonderful job as well. Sometimes with kid actors you can see they’re inexperienced, but here they shine just as much as the adults. Each character, even the ghosts, have a complex backstory that makes it so you can't help but empathize or root for them. There is only one character that is collectively hated, but that is more of a testament to the actor who portrays him than anything, especially as his character was loved in The Haunting of Hill House. 


The themes of love and memory are so well thought out that you just want to rewatch the show to pick up on any pieces that you might’ve missed out on the first time around. I’ve certainly had to stop myself from going back and rewatching it already! The love onscreen is so tangible and warm in the cold bleakness of Bly Manor that you don’t want anything bad to happen at all, yet you know it's inevitable - and that’s the scary part. It’s knowing something bad is coming, and not being able to do anything to prevent it, and that’s why makes The Haunting of Bly Manor so great. It showcases that horror doesn't have to mean jump scares and vengeful killers, but a more quiet and subdued scariness that comes from overwhelming emotion.


I highly recommend this show to everyone, even if you don’t usually like horror. It really does have something for everyone to enjoy. Happy watching! 


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