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Getting Through Finals with Finals Survival Kits


Between scrambling to finish the UAF and LYNK funding applications, securing an internship and cursing at the New England weather, finals week also involved cramming for that last minute B+ to become an A.  But fear not, the Her Campus team sent out amazing Finals Survival Kits to our chapter to fuel our brains with Chipotle, Popchips, and Luna Bars!  This is the epitome of “hard work pays off.”  It wasn’t just a survival kit to get good grades, it was a kit to survive the intense stress radiating off of every Mount Holyoke woman.

When everyone is staying up until the wee hours to finish the last minute paper, a go-to place like Chipotle will put us in power mode.  For meat lovers, vegans and vegetarians alike, Chipotle surely knows how to feed hungry students.  Don’t believe me?  Stop by during finals week at the Chipotle in Hadley, and you’ll notice the insane amount of not only Mount Holyoke women, but everyone in the 5-college area, particularly UMass students (since it’s close to their campus).  Nothing makes us happier than the sight of sofritas or barbacoa with guacamole and brown rice.  Heck, even if it wasn’t finals week, we would still head to Chipotle regardless.

During finals time, students often neglect their health for the sake of academics.  While it is important to eat full meals to keep energized, on-the-go snacks are also important.  After all, everyone’s brains are working 24/7 during finals and that burns more energy than realized.  In the wee hours when stomachs begin to growl and Chipotle is no longer an option (I know, so sad) energy bars and chips will become your best friends.  Luna Bars are particularly great because they’re designed for a woman’s diet with flavors that we crave.  They’re so delicious for anyone who has a sweet tooth with flavors like Chocolate Dipped Coconut, S’mores, and White Chocolate Macadamia.  These little mini bars are packed with energy that they have become a favorite snack for many women on campus.  Speaking of nutritional snacks, the Popchips are nontraditional chips that are guilt-free and perfect for studying.  They are neither fried nor baked potato like traditional chips, which makes them healthier without jeopardizing the savory and lightly salted taste of chips.  

A combination of a meal and some snacks surely got us through a tough week of finals at Mount Holyoke.  It’s pretty crazy how stressed out we could get as a community.  But having the opportunity to get away from Blanchard food and have Chipotle and snack on anything other than breakfast cereals and unhealthy snacks definitely made our week better.

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