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The Five-Minute Makeup Routine You Need in Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mt Holyoke chapter.

Some mornings are rougher than others; maybe you hit snooze a few times, you can’t find your favorite t-shirt, or you’re out of coffee pods. When you don’t have time to properly do your morning routine, putting on makeup may be the last thing on your mind. Opting for this five-minute, hassle-free makeup look will help you get out of the door on time while feeling a little more put together. If you tend to go about your day makeup-free, try this as a once in a while look. For others, makeup is a part of a daily routine that can’t skip, but I won’t get into the unfair standards for women requiring exponentially more time and effort in the morning to meet societal standards. All that aside, here is a quick look for when you are in a pinch, but still want to look presentable when you don’t get enough sleep and the morning just isn’t going your way.



One of the best tips out there is to nurture your skin from within. Taking care of your skin regularly is key for maintaining a healthy glow and using less makeup. No matter how short on time you are, make sure to cleanse and moisturize day and night. It is a must to find products that work for your skin type to prevent irritation and actually achieve results. Don’t skip out on the chapstick, especially in the colder months.

A light base

If you have a bit more time and want some more coverage, try a light bb cream with sun protection to moisturize your skin and even your overall complexion. Dab some concealer under your eyes and anywhere else needed for that no-makeup makeup look. The best part is that you can blend this out with your fingers.


Brows allow for more options. Depending on time, you can take a clear gel and brush up your brows to keep them in place. If time allows, grab a brow pencil and frame your face with light strokes to fill in any gaps if applicable.


To add some definition and color back into your face, swipe a bronzer onto your lid. This adds natural looking definition to your eye, without drawing in too much attention and requiring time you don’t have. You can even take a bronzing brush and apply under your cheekbones for added definition and a bronzy glow.

The final glow

Finish the look with some highlighter in a few key places. No brush is needed; smooth some under your brows, the tip of your nose and the high points of your cheeks for a natural glow. Use the length of your middle or index finger to blend. Dab onto the inner corners of your eyes to help look more awake. In just five minutes or less you are on your way to looking and feeling radiant.


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Evelyn Foster

Mt Holyoke '22

Evelyn is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College double majoring in environmental studies and art history. She loves listening to music, doing art work, hanging out with friends and eating good food.
Mount Holyoke College is a gender-inclusive, historically women's college in South Hadley, MA.