Female Artists to Listen to No Matter Your Mood

Are there any artists or bands that require you to be in a certain mood to listen to them? Or have you found that one artist that you can listen to no matter what your mood is that day? Happy, sad, excited, or anything in between, there is always one artist that is there for you no matter what. Usually, this artist also happens to be your favorite artist, but I want to (and hope to) broaden your horizons with these female artists that you can listen to no matter how you are feeling.



I am pretty sure that everyone knows who this is. If not, then I’m unsure how you made it through 2013 without hearing the song “Royals”. With only two albums released, Lorde has changed the way that music is thought of and brought a more unconventional sound into the mainstream, influencing artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey. However, Lorde has a specific style of music that cannot be captured by anyone else. Lorde is able to create a variety of sounds that you can dance to, sing along to, and even cry to. 




I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I sometimes can’t listen to K-pop because I’m just not in the mood for it. However, I could listen to Twice no matter my mood. This all-female K-pop group is one of the biggest in the industry at the moment, and with each new album they are pushing the borders of what it means to be a female group without having to give up their style of music. Twice’s music tends to be more on the pop side (specifically bubblegum pop), but they do have a wide variety of songs for every feeling. 



Lana Del Rey

This may be the most niche of the artists on this list, but I had to include Lana Del Rey, as she is a personal favorite of mine. I’m sure that most have heard the song “Summertime Sadness” or some remix of it, but if you somehow haven’t heard of it or any of Lana Del Rey’s music I highly recommend giving it a listen. She has a somewhat similar sound/aesthetic throughout her various albums but each album brings out a different feel and vibe. Lana is able to make her songs so nuanced that depending on your mood you pick up different meanings in each song, which is one reason why I love her so much. 



Happy listening!


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