Every Personality Quiz You Need to Take

I am a huge personality quiz fan. The primary reason I have the BuzzFeed app on my phone is for the quizzes that they endlessly churn out, like “Which Hogwarts Professor Should You Hook Up With?” and “What Is Your Grandma Percentage?” I appreciate the absurdity of many of BuzzFeed’s quizzes, reminiscent of the ones I took in middle school when Quizilla was popular (the website closed in 2014). Though not so much on BuzzFeed, many quizzes are useful in order to learn more about yourself and others in your life. I have compiled eight of my favorite personality quizzes from throughout the years below. Happy quizzing!

1. The Myers-Briggs Test

This test, perhaps the most well-known personality quiz, can help you better understand yourself and others by assigning you to one of 16 personality “types." Once you know your type, there are tons of forums and websites on each type that discuss how various types intersect with many aspects of life, including gender, race, mental illness, relationships, and more. I recommend browsing subreddits about your type and searching for the characters that you and friends or family share a type with (see above). Among other MBTI articles, Thought Catalog has a piece on the type of person you may be most attracted to based on your MBTI. Also, check out Type in Mind, which offers an alternative way to think about the Myers-Briggs types that revolutionized how I conceptualize the types.


2. Which Character Trope are You?

Ever wondered who you’d be in the cheesy teen drama or fantasy epic? This quiz will tell you what type of character you’d be in a movie or book, such as the hero, villain, rival, or damsel in distress. After you take the quiz, you’ll get a breakdown of what response matched with which character and what percentage of each trope you are.


3. Political Alignment

You may already identify with a label on the political spectrum, but this quiz and those like it make you consider your opinion on various economic, social, and political issues. After receiving your results you can see where you fall compared to political parties and well-known people. For a shorter version of this quiz, take the Nolan chart quiz.


4. Character Alignment

Originally created for the game Dungeons & Dragons, people also use this test to measure themselves and fictional characters. There are two versions, a 3x3 chart and a 5x5 chart. Both versions essentially rank one’s beliefs and method for upholding those beliefs. Character alignment can be useful in writing characters because it makes the writer think through how their character would think and act in different situations. After you get your results, search online for “character alignment charts” and add whatever franchise, film, or TV series you are curious about to find alignments for.


5. 7 Personality Types

Another method of imagining identity is with a fantasy twist. This quiz assigns you one of seven roles that connect to your personal traits and goals in life. You can be a king, priest, sage, scholar, artisan, server, or warrior depending on which statements most apply to you. The quiz is one of many that offers a tidbit of insight before hoping to lure you in to buy a deeper analysis, but I found the tidbit to be worth it.


6. Pottermore House Quiz

Not everyone agrees with the house they are assigned on Harry Potter author J.K Rowling’s site Pottermore, but it is the best place to start. After taking it, you can read what Rowling has to say about the house and download the corresponding desktop background for your computer. If you don’t like the house you’ve been assigned to, you can take this quiz that compiles all of the Sorting Hat questions to get a more accurate result, or check out this Tumblr post to determine two possible houses based on your Myers-Briggs. I recommend taking other quizzes on Pottermore and this quiz by a Reddit user who compiled all of the possible questions and results from Pottermore’s Patronus quiz.


7. What Zodiac Are You Really Like?

I have mixed feelings about being an Aries. On the one hand, I want a significant personality label that connects to a part of myself that is set in stone, hence, the Zodiac and my birth date. But it can sometimes feel like forcing aspects of my personality that aren’t quite there. Even if you really identify with your Zodiac, I recommend taking this quiz to see what Zodiac signs you are most like. If there’s no clear majority in your results, you’re probably safe to stick with your actual Zodiac sign.


8. What Mount Holyoke Trope Are You?

Last but not least, here is a quiz for Mohos to find out what type of person they are on campus. I definitely recommend sharing this with your friends if they haven’t taken it already to see how many tropes your group covers. The questions are funny and accurate, like Orientation 101 rolled into a quiz.

If you’re looking for more quizzes now that you’re on a roll, the top sites I recommend for jumping from quiz to quiz are BuzzFeed, Playbuzz, Sporcle, and Clickhole. You could spend hours (nay, days) on each site—luckily, winter break will hopefully give you plenty of time to do so. Make sure to send your favorite quizzes to your friends to compare results!


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