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Color and Class at Milan Fashion Week

If the New York and London Fashion Weeks haven’t tuckered you out, Milan came rolling, or rather barging in, last week. With a series of show-stopping collections, many of them vibrant, luxurious, and even a little bit sexy, Milan made its mark on the fall 2017 fashion circuit. Let’s take a peek at some of the highlights:

Fausto Puglisi

Dark, edgy, and fierce, the models strutted down the runway in biker boots and leather jackets. Thick, embroidered fabrics made up many of the coats and skirts. Sex and kitsch were strongly at play as well, with all models sporting thigh high socks and garters, and fur accents adorning everything from collars to shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the wide-brimmed hats that shaded the models. While many of these elements may seem disparate, in Fausto Puglisi’s latest collection they combine to form a strong, spunky, and confident look. Note this same beautifully excessive vibe on the Prada and Gucci runways.

Max Mara


Sleek, sophisticated, clean, and luxurious. All of the attributes one might expect to see in a Max Mara collection were definitely present on this season’s runway. Wide leg pants and tailored jackets paraded down the runway in browns, tans, blacks, and even a vibrant red. Translucent turtlenecks sported under jackets added a bit of sophisticated sex appeal to some of the looks. The classic Max Mara tan trench coat was present as well, sported by Halima Aden, a Somali-American model who wears a hijab (above).

Bottega Veneta

The silhouettes and coiffed hair evoked the feeling of post-World War II, an era when women stepped out of the house and into the workforce. As sharp shoulders and nipped waists marched down the runway, this feeling of strong, powerful, capable women was further evoked. Perhaps this collection was seeking to mirror the many upstanding women that are fighting for rights today. Plunging necklines and fitted dresses kept the collection fresh and graceful, such that beauty and elegance coexisted with this strength, as it should.


In an explosion of color, fur, and floral, Marni delivered a collection that brought brightness and life to a season that is typically cold and dreary. Colorful fur coats draped over colorful dresses and pants, while in other cases fur made up the outfit itself. Florals and patterns clashed on dresses, bringing excitement and vibrancy to the runway. In sum, the collection was a celebration of color and creativity.

Salvatore Ferragamo

At a loss for other suitable vocabulary, this collection was downright chic. Shown in a series of cool colors, including a fresh mint and a bright lilac, looks featured long sleeve shirts, tapered pants, and loose fitting jackets, dresses, and skirts. The pairing of clothing pieces, such as the dress and pant look shown above, right, gave the collection it’s cool, youthful appearance, while the precision and beauty of the clothes upheld the sophistication and elegance that’s come to be expected at Salvatore Ferragamo.

With only Paris Fashion Week to go, the fall/winter 2017 shows are almost finished. Milan definitely proved to be full of creativity and edge this season, with many collections featuring a mosaic of vibrant colors, accented by flirtatious touches. Missed last week’s coverage of London Fashion Week? Check it out here. Look out for next week’s review of Paris Fashion Week, the final city!

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