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A Collegiette’s Guide to Colors This Spring

From Vogue to Matchbook Magazine, to JCrew and H&M, this spring COLOR is the thing. HC Mt Holyoke brings you three outfits that will be sure to turn heads on and off campus. 

Head to your classes in style with some skinny jeans, a colored top or sweater, cute shoes and your favorite glasses. This outfit is comfy, so no need to continue the Uggs and sweats routine!

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Venture off campus in colored jeans, a timeless button down and a smart jacket. Grab a pair of flats you love and some shades too! Whether you’re going to Starbucks or the mall, nothing can defeat a Mount Holyoke woman in an outfit like this!

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey and Mad Men. But all that TV watching has payed off in the style-sense. A dress with a high or belted waist flatters curves as well as gives curves to those of us who have none. String pearls around your neck and slip on a pair of Lady-Mary-approved shoes, and you’ll have your pick of suitors!

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I have three simple rules when it comes to color this spring: 

1. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, but do be wary of clashing. 

2. Highlight an outfit with color. If you wear colored jeans, keep it simple and classy by choosing a white or black top. 

3. Try new colors. We all have been told that women with certain eye color, hair color or skin tone must stay away from certain colors. This spring, experiment a little! There is no harm in trying… you’ll never know if a color will flatter you until you try it!


Elizabeth is a sophmore at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts and is studying Politics and Journalism. In addition to being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Mount Holyoke, she enjoys reading, dancing, running, dessert, and her summer job as a windsurfing instructor on Lake Michigan.
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