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The Boss Babe Influencer Podcasts You Need Right Now

      We’ve all been there: The walk from your dorm to the dining hall feels a mile longer everytime you walk it, or the friend you’re meeting in Amherst didn’t realize the bus is, indeed, an hour with a forty five minute stop at Hampshire.  To make matters worse, you’ve played your Spotify Discover Weekly playlist so many times, it’s become more stale than the Grab and Go sandwich you forgot in your backpack last week. Enter the world of influencer podcasts. 

     Let’s be honest, you can think of at least one “influencer” (YouTuber, Instagrammer, etc.) who you just love. Those girls who manage to have their lives completely together, go to spin twice a day, have HelloFresh sponsorships every week, and have the undying adoration of thousands, if not millions, of followers. They seem to pull all of this off with a green juice in hand and their own branded clothing line of fifty dollar sweatshirts accenting the look. This new wave of Gen Z influencers are coveted not only because they are, let’s be honest, goals, but because they’re relatable. They too have messed up friendships, cried over homework assignments, and indulged in late night cheese fries once in a while. The rising popularity of podcasts has made the relatability of these influencers even more raw and real. Podcasts make you feel like you are having a genuine conversation with your favorite people, filled with advice on relationships, expanding your brand, what they ate for breakfast, and everything in between (plus, podcasts are perfect for those cross-campus marathons to the dining hall). So, without further ado, let me introduce you to your new favorite influencer podcasts; you’re welcome. 


Gals on The Go Podcast with Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio 

       This is the genuine girls chat about college life that you need in your day. Danielle and Brooke, college friends and YouTubers, host the show and talk about their highs and lows of the week (keeping it real) and their favorite products. The show is super engaging, with two hosts who are obviously besties, and it highlights the highs and lows of being a college student, entrepreneur, influencer and a young woman in the workforce all at once. Danielle, a sophomore, gives you the dish on juggling a boyfriend in college, making videos twice a week, and being active in her sorority at the University of Georgia (as Danielle would say, go Dawgs!). Brooke, a recent graduate from UGA, talks about life as a young woman in her first job, trying to balance her youtube career and an exciting new life in the vibrant city of Boston. Having two hosts with such inspiring, yet real, experiences and advice to chat about will honestly make you feel productive af while doing your makeup, or finally washing the sheets in your dorm. 

Follow Gals on the Go https://bit.ly/2mn2yNV

Listen to Gals on the Go https://bit.ly/2mdH5ak


Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz 

     Hosted by another set of dynamic YouTube besties, Pretty Basic will give you all the funny dating stories and middle school reminiscent sleepover therapy you need in your week. The two attempt to navigate adulting in general, amidst a lifestyle abundant with target hauls, lash extension appointments, spying on each others’ Hinge dates and designing their own merch (again, goals). This podcast truly reveals a  real side of the two OG YouTubers, who have been popular on the platform since the early 2000s. Get in on inside jokes like “when he over six foot” (you had to be there, listen to the podcast, you really won’t regret it). This podcast really brings you into the true everyday lives of two young and successful women who carved their own path in the barely established world of YouTube, with a “chatting with your best friend late at night” kind of vibe. This podcast will connect you with their struggles of being burnt out, navigating the path to a healthy mind and body, and let you geek out over fall bath and body works candles with Remi. 

Follow Pretty Basic https://bit.ly/2ndw7lg

Listen to Pretty Basic https://bit.ly/2nUsGjG

The Youtube Power Hour Podcast with Erika Vieria 

      So, at this point in the list, you have become obsessed with influencer podcasts. I did warn you this would happen. Anyway, if you are now infinitely curious about how the heck YouTube actually works (and could possibly work for you) the YouTube Power Hour Podcast is your complete guide to having the YouTube channel of your dreams. Hosted by Erika Vieria, a social media growth coach of sorts, the podcast features a new and incredibly inspiring guest each week, typically a successful YouTuber. Guests range from Miss Remi Ashten (Pretty Basic Queen) who details how she gradually found growth and success, to Alivia D’Andrea, who reached a million followers at only eighteen years old for her health and stretching videos. Each episode is specifically focused on how you personally can implement and grow your channel and audience. Trust me, you will feel like an entrepreneurial queen after listening to the heartening stories about how people came to be successful on the platform, how they faced their obstacles, and utilised a few handy tips and tricks along the way. Erika does an incredible job of posing pertinent questions and providing crucial insight on how the women she has coached have reached soaring success. So if you have ever wanted advice on how to kill it on YouTube, this is your go-to podcast.

Follow Erika Vieria https://bit.ly/2mn4lm7

Listen to The Youtube Power Hour Podcast https://apple.co/2nm5kD5


      So go forth, be incredibly inspired to become an instagram influencer overnight, start your own jewelry company, be the next great college vlogger, or anything in between with these great podcasts. May your walks to the dining hall now be filled with anecdotes about struggling with health, finding the perfect Halloween tea towels, or any other topic which might arise, and happy podcasting! 

P.S. If it was not extremely evident, I love these podcasts dearly and they have inspired me to create my own YouTube channel. If they have taught me anything, it’s that a little self-promo never hurt anybody, so if college vlogs and routines and Mount Holyoke College seem like your kind of content, please subscribe. If you want to, of course  (subscribe here) https://bit.ly/2EhdFvz


XOXO, Bella

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