Best Things to Do in Pioneer Valley This Fall

Fall is now in full swing with the leaves turning vibrant reds and oranges and the weather suddenly becoming chilly. I’ve already pulled out my turtleneck collection and I am thoroughly enjoying hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot. It is undeniable that Mount Holyoke is beautiful in the fall, but the rest of the Pioneer Valley also has a lot to offer for an entertaining fall and Halloween activities. Here are some ideas to get off campus for a little bit and enjoy the beauty of Autumn while having fun with friends.


1. Go apple picking at Park Hill Orchard


Located in Easthampton, MA, apple picking at Park Hill Orchard is open from 10 AM- 4 PM daily, including weekends. The apples cost $20 per peck. It is a very beautiful orchard and if you miss out on the apple season, they also have blueberries, raspberries, and many other fruits in the other seasons. While at the orchard, don’t forget to take pictures in the giant red frame that is perfect for your next Instagram post!


2. Mike’s Maze



Come to Mike’s Maze in Sunderland, MA to explore an eight-acre corn maze where on each turn you will have sweeping views of New England foliage and Mount Sugarloaf in the distance. The team at Mike’s Maze makes it a fun game that includes puzzles and riddles to help you navigate the maze. It also has many other attractions to check out while you’re there! It is only open weekends from 10 AM - 5 PM and admission is $12 for students.


3. Visit a Haunted House



Although the thought of going to a haunted house might scare you, DementedFX, located in Holyoke, MA, is an interesting twist on haunted houses. If you’re brave enough to go, you become the main character in a horror movie and have to save humanity from myriad monsters and ghouls. Each section of the haunted house will surely frighten you, but the thrill and fear will turn into fun and enjoyment if you go with some of your closest friends and make it an adventure. It costs $25 for one trip through the haunted house and it is open from 6 PM - 11 PM almost every day.


4. Ride on a Haunted Hayride



If you are still looking for more fear this Halloween season, make sure to check out McCray’s Farm Haunted Hayride attraction. As you are taken through the farm’s fields, you will surely be  continually frightened, which include zombies and a clown tunnel. If being scared really isn’t your speed, then come to the farm in the daytime where you can pick out a pumpkin and enjoy some ice cream. The haunted hayride begins this Friday, October 19 and goes until Sunday, October 28.


5. Go on a Hike!



Take a trip to Holyoke, MA to take a nice scenic hike up Mount Tom where you can see sweeping views of the beautiful fall foliage of New England while enjoying one of the most peak fall activities. Go sooner rather than later before it gets too cold and the leaves fall off!


In my opinion, fall is best enjoyed spent outside, so go out there with your friends or your family and enjoy all that the Pioneer Valley has to offer while the scenery is still lush with foliage and the weather not too chilly. I hope you all have fun!


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