The Best Songs by The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms, who define themselves as “dance music,” are a folk punk band consisting of core members Brian Sella on vocals and acoustic guitar and Mat Uychich on drums. They have been making music since 2008 when they were both still in high school. Over the years, the band has evolved and transformed their sound, but consistently produce jams that tell stories full of emotion and incoherent lyrics that somehow still make sense. All the songs have their own individual charm, but these are my personal favorites. 


1. Legit Tattoo Gun (The Front Bottoms) 



Favorite lyrics: 

Whenever I'm alone or feeling lonely

I pretend I can play the drums inside my head

And I am good

I love these songs, they love my songs


2. Lone Star (Talon of the Hawk) 



Favorite lyrics: 

Not just preparing for nightmares

Years and years I do suppose

Nothing feels alright now

The length on my hair or the fit of my clothes

3. Cough it Out (Back on Top) 


Favorite lyrics: 

I don’t care if you’re not sorry; I forgive you

And with or without your support, I will continue

4. Far Drive (Going Grey) 


Favorite lyrics: 

I got diamond-dust shoes on my feet

I got New Orleans blood in me

5. Wolfman (GDP / The Front Bottoms Split) 



Favorite lyrics: 

It's so hard to stay

When all you wanna do is ride

I totally get you, I was a birdcage

And you were meant to fly


6. Lipstick Covered Magnet (Rose) 



Favorite lyrics: 

And I'm gonna get on my knees

Would you kick me in the face, please?

It'll make whatever I say sound like poetry

And as the gums begin to bleed

The words will fall like teeth

7. Today is Not Real (Ann) 


Favorite lyrics: 

If it wasn't for the changes, I would probably die

Like how the dark never seems that dark when it's finally light

My concentration is a knot, this depression keeps it tight


I know The Front Bottoms are not for everyone and are more of an acquired taste musically, but it’s always worth it to check out new music. Happy listening! 

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