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The Best Media I Consumed Over Break

This winter break I consumed A LOT of media. Movies, TV shows, music, and books — I did it all! Most of these are fairly new releases (except for the books) but I already want to put some of them on my favorites list. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy some of these as much as I did, but now I feel like everyone should at least give them a shot.





This movie made me cry. The message is applicable to everyone, especially those who feel like they’re stuck in a rut or were never given their chance to really shine. I knew I was going to watch this no matter what, and once I finally did, it really made me love Pixar even more. The voice acting, the soundtrack, and the animation is all amazing. Not to mention, while this movie is moving, it’s still a children’s film, so it is funny but not in a dumbed down way. 


I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Okay, most people either really like or hate this movie. I read the book earlier this year (which I recommend) and I think that helped me appreciate the movie more. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable from watching a movie before. Nothing happens that would make you uncomfortable, it’s just the atmosphere of the film that makes you feel unnerved and on edge. There are subtle things in the movie that just let you know something weird is going on, and it’s really fun to try and piece it all together. 




Alice In Borderland 

The first season of this show just came out, but I’m already highly anticipating season 2. This is a Japanese live action show about three friends who are transported into an alternate reality where they have to play deadly games in order to survive. I love everything about this show; I almost started to rewatch it the day after I finished it but stopped myself. It’s action packed, has witty dialogue, and the friendships are to die for (literally). My only complaint is that I have to wait so long for the next season. 



Before the new season of this show was released I decided to rewatch the whole show, which reminded me why I like this show so much. This adult animated show really showcases how animation isn’t only for kids. If you don’t know, this show is about Princess Bean of Dreamland, who isn’t your average princess. She, along with her eternal demon, Luci, and friend elf, Elfo, get involved in crazy shenanigans. The dry and sarcastic humor really hits home for me, and each second of this show is comedic gold.  


Two honorable mentions are: Hilda, an animated show about a girl living in a world filled with mysterious and mythical creatures, and Carmen Sandiego, another animated show about Carmen, who pulls off daring and impossible heists while fighting the evil organization aptly named VILE.




“Cry For Me” by Twice

I haven’t really listened to Kpop in a while, but this song really pulled me back into the genre. It’s catchy but not annoying and it’s fun to just let loose and dance to. Even if you don’t like or usually listen to Kpop, I feel that this song can be enjoyed by everyone. 


“Potential Breakup Song (Explicit)” by Aly & AJ

How could I not put this song on the list? This was a staple song in my childhood and it was great before, but I feel it’s perfect now. If you liked this song when it came out, do yourself a favor and listen to the explicit version.




Uzumaki by Junji Ito 

Junji Ito is one the most popular horror manga authors for a reason. I’m not a big manga or even graphic novel reader in general, but when I got this book for my birthday last year I immediately wanted to read it. This book is about a town that is haunted by spirals. Now, I know spirals don’t sound scary, but Ito is able to create a creepy atmosphere that keeps you on edge. The story is so unique and bizarre that you’re simultaneously amazed by the story and scared by it. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read horror/thriller books. 


I hope you had a nice and restful winter break. Happy watching, listening, and reading! 


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Michaela Phelan

Mt Holyoke '22

I am an International Relations major who just really likes to read, listen to music, and watch tv.
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