The Best Five Songs from Lover

I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift since the second I first heard her music. I remember dancing excitedly to “Love Story” in my living room as a nine-year-old. Unfortunately, Reputation did not exactly appeal to me, so I was a bit apprehensive (but still excited) when Lover came out this past August. As it turns out, Lover is fantastic and just the Taylor Swift album I needed! While each and every song on the album has its merits, these are the best five songs from Lover

  1. 1. "Lover"

    The titular song has to take the number one spot, not just because it is the title track but because this song is reminiscent of the “older” Taylor Swift, like the Speak Now and Red eras. The music is simple and the song has a more acoustic sound, but it is truly a beautiful piece. Swift sings “Lover” with so much feeling and you can feel the quiet intensity of the music as you listen. “Lover” is peaceful, reflective, melancholy, and the perfect song to title the album. 

  2. 2. "Paper Rings"

    “Paper Rings” is so bright and upbeat it’s hard not to sing along. This song has so much energy and gives off such a feeling of happiness. Taylor Swift has managed to create a truly exciting song in “Paper Rings,” because there is no way not to feel a little more optimistic and a little happier after listening to such a joyful track. “Paper Rings” also has a more acoustic feel, but it still radiates strong energy!

  3. 3. "Cornelia Street"

    This song also has a very bright sound, but the lyrics are packed with feeling. “Cornelia Street” is a gorgeous song that has so much emotion; part of the song has a sense of happiness, but it is also wistful at times. When Swift sings the line “I’d never walk Cornelia Street again,” in reference to what would happen if the relationship were to end, it is so sorrowful but also hopeful.

  4. 4. "I Think He Knows"

    “I Think He Knows” is a purely fun piece of music. The song is upbeat, cheerful, and full of excitement! Lover has a number of songs like this, but “I Think He Knows” really captures a feeling of bursting joy and is just a delight to listen to. 

  5. 5. "London Boy"

    “London Boy” is very classic pop and is characterized by high-pitched sounds and upbeat rhythms. It is nothing but fun to listen and sing along to. This song is also filled with elation and enthusiasm, a hallmark of the album in its entirety. It’s also hard to disagree with Swift on this one, after all, who doesn’t like a British accent? 

Lover is a great Taylor Swift album that was a welcome shift back to a happier, brighter sound from the Reputation era. 


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