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The Best Cheesy Holiday Movies On Netflix for Winter Break

I have been looking forward to winter break honestly since the first day of school, yet as it gets closer I am truly realizing how much time I will have on my hands. How will I function being away from my friends for so long? Plus, I love my tiny town, but being in a rural area in the dead of winter can only be so exciting. The solution? Cheesy holiday movies, of course. I love watching these, especially with my family, and let’s just say I have been researching movies for this article thoroughly to get me through finals week. 


(These movies can be found on netflix. Passionate holiday movie watchers, please don’t be offended by a film’s placement, there is no particular order.) 


Let It Snow 


This Netflix original movie Let It Snow might be one of my favorite holiday movies this year. It divulges from the typical unlikely romance arc and tells the story of various teenagers and the life altering events they go through on Christmas eve. It reminds me of a fusion of the movie Booksmart and a classic Christmas movie. The characters are likeable and real, and it’s also funny. For fans of John Green, this movie is definitely a must, as it is based on the novel by the same name. 


The Knight Before Christmas 


Taking a sharp turn away from the real and relatable characters in Let It Snow, The Knight Before Christmas is the perfect example of a stereotypical Christmas movie with some medieval magic sprinkled in. If a dashing and chivalrous knight who is completely oblivious to modern etiquette and Vanessa Hudgens seem like a good ship, this movie is for you. 




The Princess Switch


The Princess Diaries meets aesthetic Christmas explosion. Plus, Vanessa Hudgens stars as not only one, but both of the main characters (she apparently has Christmas cheer that just won’t quit). This time she plays a charming and sarcastic bakery owner who switches lives with her princess doppelganger. Plus, all of the sets look like they are straight off of Martha Stewart’s Pinterest boards, so you know this movie is beautiful to look at. 



The Holiday Calendar 


The Holiday Calender is a perfect heart warming story to enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa. An intelligent photographer who has lost her Christmas spirit finds her life changed by an advent calendar whose contents seem to predict her future. The lead is played by the talented Kat Graham (nope, no Vanessa Hudgens this time). This is a perfect happy story to get you into a cheery mood and make you feel like anything is possible. 



Happy Netfixing and happy holidays! 

XOXO, Bella


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