8 Questions Mohos Ask About Eating at Blanch

As SuperBlanch becomes more of a reality each day, our questions and concerns for Blanch only grow stronger. Here are the top 8 questions we find ourselves asking about blanch at least twice a day:


1. Is the sushi safe?


2. Why is the line so long for the deli, the special, the grill (so basically everything)?


3. What exactly is “Amazing Asian Chicken” and how were you able to lump all the Asian countries’ cuisine into one dish?


4. Why can’t I get more than one bottled drink if I’m super thirsty?


5. Does the new system of having only a few food slips out at a time actually help?


6. Why are personal pizzas only at 7pm? They should be 24/7. (Or maybe they shouldn’t because I’d eat them all the time).


7. Why are cheese sticks so expensive? They’re five fried pieces of cheese, five delicious fried pieces of cheese!


8. Why are salads so expensive, I’m just trying to be healthy!

What questions have you found yourself asking about Blanch? Let us know in the comments!

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