7 Things to do Before School’s Over

As the end of school is quickly approaching, the stresses of final exams and getting your summer plans in order can be daunting. However, with Mount Holyoke’s abundance of fun activities, you can clear your head in no time whilst still finding something new to do! Especially for seniors that won’t be returning to campus next fall, taking advantage of everything Mount Holyoke has to offer is necessary. But I encourage all readers to go out there and give some of these things a try if you’re feeling bored, overwhelmed, or down right adventurous.


1. Take a walk with friends or go on a jog around the Ham-MacGregor trails. Even allow yourself to get drifted off course through the trees to really take in all of the beautiful nature Mount Holyoke has to offer.


2. Roll down the giant hill right next to the Mandelles and Creighton! It may seem scary enough that you think you may need to keep the ambulance on speed dial, but I promise it is one of the most exhilarating feelings. Either with friends or simply by yourself, letting your inner kid out and just enjoying the mountainous region of Western Massachusetts can make you more appreciative of campus, as well as making you feel de-stressed and rejuvenated.


3. Visit the equestrian center and take time to look at the horses, and even pet them if you get the chance! Especially during finals week when you want to rip all of your hair out, sometimes taking the time to be embraced by the love of animals can be the most therapeutic thing for you.


4. Attend one of the many events offered at the Elliot House on campus or even go to the Interfaith lunch from 12-1 offered every Wednesday during the semester. There you can dine on some good food while getting to meet some new faces from around campus!


5. Visit the greenhouse on campus and take in the relaxing aroma of flowers and the beautiful scenery. It is not only soothing for your mind, but also reminds you of Mount Holyoke’s special connection with life’s little things. Sometimes spending time with Mount Holyoke’s vast abundance of nature can be therapeutic as you near your end here.


6. Check out some of the attractions off campus! Stop by the Amherst Farmers Market, go to a party at UMass, or even take a trip to the Holyoke Mall with friends and shop till you drop. Also, if you haven’t already, dine out at NoHo and check out the cute chocolate shops as well as five star restaurants. I know it can become quite dreary on campus if you never get off, so try to explore Western Massachusetts and really come to know and appreciate the place you live!


7. Lastly, take the time to reflect. My favorite way to do this is late at night, after dinner, when the stars come out and you can just enjoy the quiet of the night sky. We are so caught up in our hectic schedules, I notice, that when the stars come out students rarely ever appreciate them. So, I give you this quest. Take the time before you leave this year to just stargaze, simply let everything else going on in your life drift away and just enjoy the moment. Reflect back on your past year, two years, three years, or even entire undergraduate career at Mount Holyoke.

It doesn’t matter how little or how long you have attended Mount Holyoke, there is always something new to experience or a new place to explore. When you’re desperately searching for that one last ounce of motivation, try doing one of the things suggested on this list. You will have a profound realization of the campus you are living on and all of the majestic beauty it possesses deep down. You will be rejuvenated in addition to overall more appreciative of your beautiful MoHome and may even find a spark of inspiration to persevere through your studies or just simple happiness and nostalgia before your departure from campus!


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