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It’s been over three years since Zayn Malik left One Direction and the band went on hiatus. In that time, all five former members have released singles, albums, and gone on tours. Despite their break, we here at Her Campus Mount Holyoke are still very much not over One Direction and remain prepared for the inevitability of their reunion tour. On the off chance that they never get back together, however, we can all feel comforted by the fact that their albums are forever and we can listen to them whenever we want. While people’s rankings of their songs vary, it’s hard to disagree that these next 7 songs are absolute bops.

  1. “One Thing”

Released six whole years ago, “One Thing” is the epitome of fun, bubblegum pop. Do we know what that “one thing” is? No, but we don’t actually care, because they’re so cute that it doesn’t actually matter. Also, this song is so catchy that it deserves all the awards.

2. “Kiss You”

Another super fun song with a cute music video exploring different eras of music and music videos. This song also has some super fun hidden harmonies that hint at the depths of the music to come.

3. “Through The Dark”

This is the ultimate friendship song; it’s all about supporting someone through a hard time. Plus, it has a cool Mumford and Sons-y vibe that’s different from a lot of the other stuff they’ve done.

4. “Best Song Ever”

Does this song make any sense? Does it matter? “Best Song Ever” definitely narrowly made it onto this list, but I couldn’t deny how absolutely hilarious and nonsensical this video is!

5. “Fireproof”

“Fireproof” is so chill and calming and definitely reminds me of wandering around campus on a fall day. It’s also kinda inspiring, especially because it was released my first year, when college seemed so big and scary.

6. “End of the Day”

It was absolutely impossible to pick just two songs from One Direction’s most recent (and, arguably, best) album, Made In The AM. “End of the Day” is a song that almost should not work – it sounds like two songs put together – but somehow it does. It’s sweet, upbeat, and insanely catchy!

7. “Walking in the Wind”

This is the perfect song for the end of the year, particularly for graduating seniors – it’s all about how friends will never be far away, even if you’re apart. I definitely wanted it to be our class song but it’s fine, I’m not bitter. Seriously, though, this song is comforting and lovely and makes me endlessly hopeful for a One Direction reunion.

These are just a few of my fave 1D songs and while I’ve never been wrong, it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed a few. Got some suggestions or changes for this list? Let us know if the comments below!

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Lyssi Joseph

Mt Holyoke '18

Lyssi Joseph is a Mount Holyoke graduate who majored in International Relations and minored in Geography. She loved the three years that she served as co-Campus Correspondent for HC Mount Holyoke and is grateful to her co-CC, Deborah, and the amazing members of the team for making these past three years so wonderful. She is excited to follow along and see how HC Mount Holyoke continues to grow and excel. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and napping.