7 Happy Puppies As Excited As We Are For Different Activities This Spring

Temperatures in Western Massachusetts are starting to get warmer, and dare I say that spring may finally be here. Spring is such a great time to be outside and enjoy the good weather and blooming flowers. Mount Holyoke takes advantage of this beautiful by putting on traditional events such as Spring Weekend, Global Fest, and Pangy Day, and we love them so much and are looking forward to them very very soon! Here are 10 adorable puppies that are as excited for warmer sunshine as us, and are doing things that could help us enjoy the spring just as much as we plan to!


1. It’s finally getting warm enough for us to cannonball into the swimming pool, and enjoy the refreshing water just like this excited puppy!


2. Eat as much ice cream as you want since it’s warm outside, and you don’t have to worry about feeling super cold like you did in the winter!


3. Spend time lounging and soaking up the sun’s warm rays like this pupper (don’t forget your sunscreen though!)


4. Get active and play outdoor games that you love and missed playing in the bitterly cold winter.


5. Find time to unwind and practice self-care: watch a great chick flick, do a face mask, pamper yourself however you see fit!


6. Spend time outside exploring with friends!


7. Spring often coincides with finals and exams, but make sure not to neglect your sleep. Make sure you’re taking time to revitalize and refresh by sleeping enough, which will also help you be more productive and alert!

We hope you have a great last few weeks of the semester, and make sure to take the time to enjoy the beautiful and warm weather!


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