6 Movies I can Watch on Repeat

I’ve watched a lot of movies in my life, but only a few of them are continuously rewatchable. Every movie has something that makes it unique and these movies have that something extra that never gets old for me. There are some movies that I could watch over and over again, but I have to be in the right mood for them; however, with these movies I could be in any mood and I’d be down to watch it. Now, I know these movies aren’t all masterpieces or all groundbreaking. Some of them are just plain ol’ comfort movies that I just so happen to know the entire script to. 


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I would be lying if I didn’t put this on my list. This trilogy is in my top five favorite movies of all time. The acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the characters and costumes are all top notch and deserve all the praise they already have. There’s just something about this classic adventure story that never fails to make me fall in love with this world every time I watch the films. 


Lemonade Mouth

This is sort of a random inclusion, but I unapologetically love the soundtrack to this movie. Yes, I know the acting isn’t great, nor is the storyline that original, but I can’t help but sing along to the movie or recite the script (which I have (mostly) memorized). There’s something about the outcasts coming together that I love to see in movies and books, and the fact that this is a musical only adds more to the pros of the movie. 


Pan’s Labyrinth

This dark and creepy film always pulls me in whenever I watch it, and each time I notice a new detail that reveals more about the movie. I not only love watching this movie but also talking about it as well. I feel that there are so many hidden messages and theories that can be made about this movie that it only makes me love it even more. 



Another movie with many theories is Coraline, but this isn’t the only thing I love about this film. First off I love stop motion animation/claymation. I find it fascinating and knowing that it takes so much work and time to create these movies only makes me appreciate it more. Secondly, the style and aesthetic of this movie is beautiful and so distinctly LAIKA (the company that produced Coraline) that they really went out and made a masterpiece with their first film.



This is another comfort movie of mine. I can’t even explain why I love it so much, I just do. Maybe it’s something about watching it for the first time at the right moment in my life. Or perhaps I still wish there was a magical world just over a wall waiting to be explored. This movie has a little bit of everything in it, so no matter what mood I’m in I know I’ll enjoy watching this. 


Spirited Away

This is a childhood favorite of not only mine but of all my sisters as well. It’s one of the only movies that we all agree is amazing. I can stare at the amazing design of each frame of this movie for hours and never get tired of looking at it. Every time I watch this movie I get lost in the world of spirits and never want it to actually be over. 


Most of these movies are pretty famous, but if you haven’t seen one of them yet I highly recommend that you watch it, or maybe rewatch one of them! Happy (re)watching!


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