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5 Ways to Feel like It’s Spring


It’s now March, and the annual premature desire for spring and warm weather has hit me. It’s bitterly cold outside and it has been for months, so I think it’s time for a change. However, for us in Massachusetts and other cold states, it probably won’t get warm until about May. Until then, here are 5 ways to feel like it’s spring, in the winter!

1. Listen to past spring playlists. I’m a playlist person, I make playlists for the seasons, months, or moods. Listening to my old warm weather playlists cheers me up and makes me feel nostalgic. These songs bring me back to drives with the windows down, the bliss at being able to go outside with a jacket for the first time in forever and afternoons spent reading outside. My spring songs of choice are “Sands” by Summer Underground, “ILYSB” by LANY, and “Buttercup” by Hippocampus.

2. Wear bright colors. Spring is the season when flowers bloom and things become more colorful. Wearing fewer dark tones and more saturated colors helps me channel spring, and makes its approach feel closer. I especially like wearing my spring clothes, like short sleeved shirts, over long sleeves to keep warm but still incorporate my favorite warm weather pieces.

3. Keep your shades open and spend time near windows. Throughout the winter I’ve started to go a little stir-crazy. It’s too cold to get fresh air and relieve this feeling of suffocation in the indoors, but exposing myself to natural light really helps. Especially on sunny days, something happens to my psyche that makes me think it must really be warm outside, even when it’s not.

4. Blush! One of the makeup artists I follow on Instagram, @walker_ash, advocates for putting blush on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. We might not actually getting very much sun, but we can look like it!

5. If possible, get a plant. I have two plants in my dorm room: a little fern and my first-year plant (which actually nearly died from the seconds it was outside while being transported between my car and my dorm. She’s had a rough time this winter too). Caring for my plants and having them around me makes me feel like I can still connect with nature even though I can’t go outside for long. A little greenery absolutely makes me feel like it’s spring!


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Rachael Amoruso

Mt Holyoke '22

Hi, I'm Rachael! I'm a sophomore and an English and Italian double major! I love dogs, eating pastries, being outdoors, and writing. Most of all, I love Mount Holyoke! #redpegasus
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