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5 Things To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Even though it’s not too common for college students to go out trick-or-treating, ending up with a bunch of candy on Halloween is apparently still a thing. So if you’re already candied out, here are a few suggestions on what to do with your leftovers.


1. Donate it.

Since 1974, the Ronald McDonald House Charities have been providing housing and health services to ill children and their families. The Ronald McDonald House of Springfield Massachusetts (20 minutes from Mount Holyoke) is currently accepting donations of unopened candy. There are also three major organizations for donating unopened candy to American troops serving abroad: Treats for Troops, Operation Gratitude, and Operation Shoebox.


2. Use it for another recipe.

Halloween candy can be great in desserts. Plus, sharing cupcakes, brownies, or whatever you decide to make is a lot more fun than sharing fun-sized candy bars. Get some friends together and bake M&M cookies or make some chocolate dipped strawberries/pretzels. There are lots of simple recipes on Pinterest as well.


3. Freeze it for later.

You might be sick of all the candy now, but you’ll never know when you’ll need a sugar fix. Keep some candy in your freezer and next time you’re craving chocolate you won’t have to buy the expensive Godiva from the vending machine in Auxiliary Services.


4. Use it to decorate a gingerbread house.

Goodbye Jack-o-lanterns, hello gingerbread houses. Everyone knows that as soon as Halloween ends, Christmas season begins, so reserve your hard candy for gingerbread house decorating. Your best options are skittles, circular candy like smarties, and anything red and green.


5. When somehow all else fails and you just really want to get rid of your candy, leave it out in a kitchenette of residence hall or in a common room.

Even though candy is not really considered a food, you should still try not to waste it; there will definitely be someone who will want it.


And if the idea of leftover Halloween candy is just too impossible to imagine, just simply enjoy it now!


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