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5 Reasons You Should Be Stanning Tom Holland

This article contains spoilers from the Avengers: Infinity War. If you have not seen it yet, drop whatever you’re using to view this page and go watch it A.S.A.P.


Marvel has just released its third installment of the Avengers and people are going ballistic over it.  The movie has earned over 800 million dollars and counting, ranked in at the box office; it’s safe to say that everybody is feeling the Avengers fever right now. As much as I enjoyed the film, what truly stole the show for me was Tom Holland’s performance as Spiderman. Not only is he the youngest member of the cast, but his character is also the latest addition to the Avengers. Despite his youth and limited screen time, Tom Holland was able to pack a moving performance that touched all film goers as his emotional one liner went on the become the biggest meme from the entire film. For those of you who were moved by little spidey’s performance, here is why you should be stanning him right now:


1. He is really bad at keeping secrets

From accidentally giving away the plot of Spider Man Homecoming, to screaming out to a theatre full of the Avengers cinema-goers spoilers that he’s “alive!”, it is clear that Tom is terrible at keeping secrets–much to the filmmakers’ disappointment. He had reportedly been barred from reading the script of Infinity War and is always being interrupted by his castmate, Benedict Cumberbatch, in hopes of trying to cover up the damage that Tom might potentially cause every time he opens his mouth.


2. He performs his own stunts

While Tom has admitted that he does not perform all his stunts, he does perform a quite a few of them on his own, without help from a stunt double! He claims that although he would like to perform all of them, Marvel does not let him do the most dangerous ones- but he’d definitely be up for it!


3. He improvised his scene in avengers

Yes. That scene- the one that broke everyone’s hearts and inspired just about a million memes, was completely improvised. Tom was just told by the director that Spiderman didn’t want to die, and he took it from there. It was truly an emotional and heartbreaking scene that had fellow watchers in tears when I went to watch the film. And all I can say is that I didn’t want him to go either…


4. He’s actually British

When I first watched Spiderman Homecoming, I had no idea that Tom was British! He speaks in an American accent so naturally. I was only when I watched his interviews that I noticed that the way he speaks in the film and the way he talks naturally are completely different. For Tom, switching between the two accents is a piece of cake, and he does it so effortlessly you’d never know the difference.


5. His relationship with his dog is absolutely adorable

Tom’s relationship with his dog, Tessa, is absolutely adorable. One quick look at Tom’s Instagram and you’d know right away that he really loves Tessa.  He’s had her ever since she was a little puppy, and takes every opportunity to spend time with her. From bringing her to a red carpet event, to even facetiming her when he’s not home due to his busy travel schedule. Tom really loves Tessa and isn’t afraid to show it!


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