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5 Reasons We Love Tacos

5.  It’s basically a sandwich.

Much like our beloved PB&J, a corn tortilla envelopes a scrumptious filling of your choice- chicken, veggie, cheese and even fruit!  I said u can have whatever you like, yeeeeaaah.

4.  It’s culturally versatile!

LA’s Don Chow Tacos pioneered the art of Chinese street tacos- traditional meats served on a bed of lime, cucumber and corn tortillas!

3.  The most valuable $2 you will EVER spend.

2.  Even the most vapid celebrities love it!

No offense to The Hills fans out there- we still binge watch that show on Netflix!

1.  It’s also been upscaled!

Interior of Tacolicious, a ritzy West Coast taqueria chain.


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