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5 Reasons To Visit New York

5.  The FOOD.

From Shake Shack to Nobu (BOTH BASICALLY STARTED HERE), you can literally find everything at your fingertips.  Don’t sleep on those street pretzels, either- nothing tastes better than a salty piece of bread at 3 AM.

drunk eating woooooooooooot haven’t we’ve all been there?

4.  The people.

Oh, you know.. Ryan Gosling breaking up a street fight. Casual.

3.  The muddaf**king SUBWAY.

Inwood to Far Rockaway for $2.75? OKAY.. subway fare IS climbing, but hey- at least we don’t have L.A. traffic.


Yeah, bitch- we don’t need your Wisconsin cheese, thank you very much.

1.  We f**king invented hip-hop.

Bow down.


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