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5 People To Admire This Week

5.  Lyndsey Scott

A graduate of Amherst College (computer science and theatre double major), this VS model-programmer-actress is EVERYTHING.  In her free time, she enjoys reading David Foster Wallace.  DREAM GIRL 4 LYFE  

4.  Karlie Kloss 

This stunning supermodel (and close friend of TSwift!) will take a leave of absence from the catwalk to focus on her studies.  Kloss begins her undergraduate career this fall at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  YOU GO, GIRL! GET THAT DEGREE

3.  Dylan Sprouse

The “child actor who didn’t do meth” decided to attend college instead.  A 2014 graduate of NYU, he served as president of Third North Residence Hall and participated in student government.

2.  Gabrielle Union

The “Being Mary Jane” star holds an honours degree from UCLA in sociology.  She graduated in 1996 before segueing into the acting industry.

1.  Natalie Portman

The Star Wars queen matriculated at Harvard in 1999, graduating with a psychology degree in 2003.  Classmates described her as “serious”, “intelligent” and “down-to-earth.” 



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