5 Fun Activities to Cure Your Winter Blues



Winter has finally come to Mount Holyoke’s campus this past weekend with temperatures falling below zero. Students cooped themselves up in their dorms bundling up in all the blankets they own. Family Pizza and Main Moon made their travels through campus rescuing hungry students. Noses became frozen and fingers turned blue. The campus was ghostly and the imposing threat of boredom became a reality. Unfortunately, Massachusetts is not done with winter just yet so hopefully next time you find yourself trapped inside, bored, lonely, or cold try out these five fun activities to help warm you up from the inside out!

1. Make Hot Cocoa and Cookies!

This is a staple for any cold day. Reminiscing on my childhood, I always remember the fond memories of sitting around the fireplace sipping on cocoa and trying to steal mini marshmallows while my mom was looking in the other direction. Sometimes just snuggling up with a hot cup of cocoa and some cookies makes all the difference. Grab some friends, instant hot cocoa mix, and some festive music and you will be surprised as to how cozy you will become. Pair it with this delicious, fast, and easy to whip up Banana Oatmeal cookie that requires no baking and only has 3 ingredients! http://cornell.spoonuniversity.com/cook/3-ingredient-cookie-recipe/

2. Go on an adventure

Judging from the fact that Mount Holyoke was founded in 1837, there are going to be a lot of unique places/things around campus to explore! Unfortunately being trapped in your dorm room due to inclement weather can really put a bummer on your inner Indiana Jones. Luckily for you, there is a solution, and that solution lies within your very own residence halls. There is such an abundance of new places to see that you may have never seen before. Try checking out your basement and exploring for secret doors. You can even explore other floors in your dorm and say hello to people you may have never even met. Go ahead and explore your Mount Holyoke home and I bet that you will be surprised as to how many new things you will find!

3. Skype your friends and family

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone while in school. There are times you just want to snuggle up with your dog or talk to your mom about life. So while entrapped in your residence hall take the time to reach out to the people you love the most. Catch them up on what’s happening in your life and don’t forget to tell them how much you love them. I know in my own experience I always feel so much better when I can sit down and enjoy a nice chat with my family and friends, especially since during the school week I rarely ever have time to.

4. Do an indoor workout with friends

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t get your daily dose of physical activity. Get some of your friends to join you for a yoga class or turn on a YouTube video for some intense interval training. Working up a sweat, especially when it’s below zero outside, can not only warm you up but also boost your endorphins energizing you for the rest of the day. Try out “blogilates” on YouTube for any kind of intense pop pilates workout or settle down for a relaxing yoga flow with “Yoga With Adriene.” Check out her yoga flow to help relieve anxiety and stress!

5. Order pizza and watch a movie

If none of these seem interesting to you just stick to the classic, pizza and a movie! There's nothing better than ordering a Domino's or Family Pizza to share with friends in your dorm while watching a movie. I personally suggest a horror film just because I love when my heart rate rises, but if horror isn’t really your cup of tea then try out something else. Either a sappy chick flick or a classic like “Mean Girls,” just winding down with some warm food and the company of good friends is one of the beautiful simplicities of life.


Or...if you’re ambitious, slip on your snow pants, ski jacket, and the warmest pair of mittens you’ve got and go play in the snow. Make yourself your very own Olaf or snow angel with friends and don’t forget to post it online so everyone can see and be jealous! I promise once this snow is gone you will miss it, so enjoy the Mount Holyoke winter wonderland while it lasts!