4 Ways to Make It Through the Never Ending Winter with the Help of HC Survival Kits

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(Camps Bay, South Africa)


Mount Holyoke just happens to be located in the heart of a winter wasteland, covered in all this white fluffy stuff that falls out of the sky. For those of you who are like me and come from places where if it snowed people would run around screaming that the world is coming to an end, this is a survival guide for you to make it through what feels like a never ending winter (I mean we just had a winter blizzard in the middle of MARCH!). Even if you’re used to the cold and snow, but still can’t wait until it melts and the warmth of spring returns, keep reading on for some tips on how to ignore or resist winter until it leaves:


1. Head to the beach over spring break

One of the best ways to escape the frigid temperatures of South Hadley is to get on a plane or bus to some place warmer like the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or Florida. If you’re more adventurous and want to venture even further, stroll across the Labadi beach in Ghana, Camps Bay in Cape Town, or take a trip to Fiji. But let’s be honest - most college students don’t always have the money to travel across the country, let alone the world so why not use L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes or their Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion to get that beachy tan without having to actually get that annoying sand between your toes or in your hair? Though not really useful or catered to some of us darker skinned ladies out there, these products smell amazing and who doesn’t like amazing smelling skin?


2. Plan ahead to do something fun for your next Spring Break

If you found yourself stuck inside bored out of your mind and you felt the itch to go somewhere this Spring Break but couldn’t, think about how you’d like your next one to look and what you’d like to do. It’s always great to plan ahead and think of what you’d like to do way in advance, because it means that if money is tight you can start saving to make your wildest spring break dreams come true! It’s also best to get any plane tickets you may need in advance because they tend to be cheaper much earlier but spike closer to Spring Break week. Try out Erin Condren’s Deluxe Monthly Planners to set goals and deadlines for different stages of your planning. These customized planners are gorgeous and striking in their colours so you’ll never get bored of planning ahead. Pair it with the Colorful Dual-Tip Markers that glide along the page and you’ll be on your way to a wonderful getaway and an entirely new and improved planning-way-too-in-advance you!


3. Boost your confidence and take on the world

There’s something so empowering about strutting around comfortably in your own skin, knowing you look good. If looking good for you includes using beauty products to do a little accentuating of your best facial features, be adventurous and make sure to give a new makeup product a try. Make sure to get your hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips lipstick available in many fabulous colours like Miranda May, Kim K.W. and Electric Poppy. Whether you want to go for a lighter or bolder colour over the break, just know you’ll be on Rihanna’s level of confidence - which is to say a lot. Take the extra time to reflect on how awesome and smart you are and remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished. The break is a great time to self-reflect and show yourself some love and pamper yourself. Feeling like a celeb? Maybe treat yourself to some new items in your closet or an irresistable fragrance from Juicy Couture.


4. Take time for personal care even in the midst of all the homework and assignments

Even though Spring Break is supposed to be a “break”, a lot of professors assign things that are due just after the break which means that you’re racing to get everything done over the week. Even though you may be so stressed that you’re stressing about how stressed you are, make sure to take time to care for yourself and for personal care and hygiene. Take showers occasionally, brush your teeth hopefully more frequently than that, and wash your hair. However, if you find yourself in a predicament where you couldn’t possibly spend time both brushing your teeth and washing your hair and need to choose one, then spare those listening to you talk and brush your teeth. Instead of washing your hair, try Freeman Beauty’s Psssst! Tropical Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair and break any build up of oil to keep you going for another day or so. Don’t push it, though, you can't go months without actually washing your hair (I promise you can make time to wash your hair)! So you had a great time swimming at a warm tropical paradise, but if you got a little more than you bargained for over the break and made a new friend called “UT”, last name “I”, then make sure not to ignore the burn and to take care of your vaginal health with the help of Cystex tablets. UTIs are more common than people often realize so know the symptoms and avoid any further discomfort by taking these quick acting and relieving tablets to take care of yourself.

This spring break, take time for yourself. Whether it’s running away from the frozen tundra or hanging out at Moho to get some work done, make sure that you treat yo’ self.


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