4 Ways to Heal if Your Candidate Lost

Gosh, where do I even start? As of November 8th, Donald Trump was elected President, and oh my, has there been chaos, and he hasn’t even officially taken the seat. Now, before I go off on a tangent, I want to proudly say that I voted for Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t mean that I hate all Trump supporters. Some of them are actually very good friends of mine and even family members. However, I’m pretty sure the news was shocking to this entire nation and especially devastating for democratic or third party voters. So, to help console all of you about the devastating results of the election I have compiled a list that might make you feel a bit better, and less angered, by Trump gaining the Presidential seat.


1. Throw a “defeat” party

So many people are fixated on the idea of only throwing a party when they have something to celebrate, but I disagree with that. I strongly believe in celebrating anything impacting your life, even the loss of an election. So go ahead, invite all of your friends over to honor all of the hard work Hillary put into her election and congratulate the efforts of her supporters trying to put her as the first female President in the White House! Make the entire event with a blue color scheme and even throw in a pinata and tape a picture of someone’s face you strongly dislike onto it… Regardless, throwing a party is the best way to ease tension, vent out your frustrations, and have fun while doing so.


2. Take a boxing class

If you're angered by the results of this election then I highly suggest taking out your anger in proactive ways that are also beneficial for your body. Maybe you can try out boxing? Boxing is a great way to ease some pent up frustration while also kicking yourself into some pretty bad-ass shape. Also, if you want, you can echo off of the pinata theme and paste a photo of any person you want to onto the dummy to let off some steam. It’s a non-violent, yet mentally satisfying approach to harness your anger and deal with it in an active way.


3. Find someone (willing to engage in open conversation) to talk to

Sometimes having a simple conversation with a person can be enough to relieve you of any emotions that you might be dealing with. I recommend choosing a trustworthy friend you can vent to- someone who is open-minded, understanding of your political views, and a respectful listener. Obviously, you should also be a shoulder to cry on and provide support for your friends as well. I’m sure many people are stressed out and disheartened by the election results and the best thing you can do is be there for your friends in your times of need.


4. Write a Gratitude List

This is something than can be useful in any time of despair. Simply by sitting down and taking the time to write down everything you are grateful for (like your family, friends, health, pets, or anything else that puts a smile on your face) can make the greatest difference in your mood and outlook on life. The list can be as long or short as you want, as long as it’s something to inspire you in times of sadness and doubt.

This election has taken a toll on nearly everyone in this country. It is important, though, that we don’t allow our setbacks to inhibit us from pushing forward. We must use this defeat, or for some a victory, to motivate and inspire us to foster future change in today’s society. However, for the time being, distracting yourself from the problem and not letting it consume you is essential to your mental and emotional wellbeing.



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