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4 Petite Friendly Clothing Stores To Shop From

Being petite is hard. From being mistaken for a child to having trouble reaching items at the grocery store, it’s all part of the package. Even when it comes to the latest trends, it’s hard to be up-to-date on your fashion when most of the clothing in stores is either too long or too big for your tiny frame. It’s like retail stores don’t take into consideration that shorter people exist and that they wear clothes too! Often, women resort to having their clothes hemmed and tailored for the perfect fit, but as a broke college student, I have neither the time nor money to do that. While some would recommend shopping in the children’s section to find clothes that fit, I often find that the clothes there are too child-ish (since they are catered to a younger demographic!) for my taste. Luckily, my pleas have not fallen on deaf ears since there are several stores now that offer petite-friendly clothing catered to women 5’3 and under. Here are some of my favourite petite-friendly clothing brands that could save you on the cost of tailoring:



Asos is a British company that is based online and that offers a huge selection of petite clothing options to choose from. While there is no physical outlet you can visit to choose from, ASOS offers free returns within 28 days of your purchase if anything isn’t quite right, and I’ve found their shipping to be super fast! It has by far the largest selection of petite clothing that I’ve come across, and its super affordable too.


2. Banana Republic

Want to try on clothing in-person before you purchase it? Have no fear, Banana Republic is here! While ASOS is catered more towards young adults, Banana Republic offers petite clothing for people of all ages. Most of its regular collection is also offered in petite sizes, so you never have to be concerned about falling in love with a top and worrying that it might be too big on you. The only con is that I would say it is a little bit more pricey than ASOS which is something I would take into consideration if you are on budget.



TOPSHOP, another British brand on the list, offers a great petite collection that is mid-range in price. I’m personally a huge fan of their jackets and outerwear and have found them to be great for spring and fall seasons. However, since they’re British-based, they don’t have as many outlets in the US, but don’t fret since you can shop their entire collection online.


4. Ann Taylor

Catered towards a slightly older demographic, Ann Taylor is by far the priciest store on the list. Its clothes are often styled for older, working-women, and is a great place to shop if you’re looking for something to wear for your job interview or your first day at work. On the plus side, it has a great deal of options to choose from that are available both online and in-store. There are also a number of stores across the U.S, but if you can’t find one near where you live, you can always shop online.

Have fun and happy shopping!


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