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4 Drama Shows You Can’t Miss Out On Watching

1. This Is Us

This Is Us follows the stories of three siblings who share a birthday, as well as the story of their parents in an intertwined tale of how their lives proceed through the years. Each episode entails a collection of flashbacks, which at first seem ordinary, but in fact, these very moments are key in shaping all of their futures. This show doesn’t shy away from issues around body image and obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, or racism, and weaves them into the plot in a deeply emotional way that is guaranteed to make you sob like a baby.

2. The Royals

The Royals revolves around the make-believe royal family of Great Britain, where the monarchy is constantly faced with challenges of power play from within, as well as from people outside of the family. The show focuses on the regal duties as well as the luxurious lifestyles the Royals take on, and how those come together with their personal lives.

3. Jane the Virgin

This dramedy centers around Jane Villanueva, a devout Christian who has sworn off pre-marital sex. Things take a drastic and somewhat ironic turn when Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated with a stranger’s, Rafael Solano, sperm. The show delves into Jane’s romantic life, career, family life, and how this incident drastically changes her life course.

4. The Fosters

The Fosters is a unique family drama which centers around the Adams-Foster family. The family has a complex dynamic where Lena and Stef are married and are two moms raising five children together. Brandon, the eldest, is Stef’s biological son, who along with his mothers, is co-parented by his father who is Stef’s ex-husband that happens to be her partner as cops. The other two children are Jesus and Mariana, who are twins Lena and Stef fostered and subsequently adopted when they were young. The family soon welcomes Callie and Jude as foster children and things begin to get even more complex. With Lena working as vice-principal in the kids’ school, their lives are all interconnected not just in regard to their family, but also in their careers and romantic relationships.

If you haven’t seen these yet, why are you still reading? Go start binging!

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