20 Ways You Know Your Best Friendship Has Reached Turk And JD’s Level


Through the 8 (and then the unexpected 9) seasons of Scrubs we’ve come to love and savour every moment with JD and Turk. We’ve seen how close they are and have maybe aspired to have the same (possibly unrealistic and unhealthy) friendship in our own lives. So here’s a few ways to know that you and your best friend have reached the epic friendship goals that we've seen Turk and JD set:


1. You get super excited to see each other after you’ve been apart for some time. You build up to it and when you finally meet, the reunion is epic. 


2. You have special traditions spanning back in time. Nobody truly understands the significance of them but you sure do. You may even have a song or dance to mark the special moment.


3. You connect on a deep emotional level and understand them better than anyone else. You know when and how you’ve hurt you BFF and you work through it with them.


4. You do stupid things and take risks together. Whether it’s a good idea or not is irrelevant, because you’re in it together.


5. You can’t deal when they go somewhere without you, especially when you promised to go together.


6. You randomly break out into a skillfully choreographed dance together, even in public.


7. You try to play it cool and not get too excited when something great happens in each other's lives because everyone knows you’re super close and sometimes get carried away. But in the end you ignore what everyone thinks and go all out because who cares about their opinions when you’ve got your best friend?


8. You have the same sense of humour and find each other’s jokes hilarious, even if no one else does.


9. You’ve seen them at their very worse and have witnessed them having a breakdown.


10. You’re basically the same person and you’re so close that you might as well be conjoined.


11. When you’re feeling vulnerable they’re always there to build you up and see the best in you.


12. You can still behave like children when you’re together without fear of judgement.


13. You spend so much time together you're practically inseparable.


14. They always see your potential and are your biggest fan.


15. You always point out each other's strengths and are supportive and encouraging. Also, no one loves them like you do.


16. You say the strangest sentimental things to each other and no one but you can really comprehend them.


17. You’re always there for your BFF in tough times and you always try to make each other feel better.


18. You secretly hold onto the hope that if you ever have children they will end up together or be best friends as well.


19. You’re basically in a relationship.


20. Finally, you know they’ll always be there for each other and will be there for all the big moments in your life.

Pay no mind to what people say about you and your BFF and show them all the love they deserve for being simply the best!

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