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15 Songs by Queer Artists to Upgrade Your Fall Playlist

Because it’s time to move on from “Sweater Weather” and support some relatable queer artists.

Frank Ocean, “Solo”

It’s hell on earth and the city’s on fire,

Inhale, in hell there’s heaven

Allison Ponthier, “Cowboy”

It took New York to make me a cowboy. 

Now everybody knows. 

Even if I change my clothes.

Arlo Parks, “Hurt”

Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely to feel somethin’ for once?

Yeah, wouldn’t it be lovely to feel worth somethin’, huh?

Cavetown, “Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me”

You’re gonna wish you believed me

God, I wish I was happy

The frayed threads of recovery

Crushing me from above and underneath

Claud, “Soft Spot”

Pull the covers over our short hair

Pretend like the city wasn’t there

Like it was only just us two

Hayley Kiyoko, “Chance” 

Cause I know I still think about her plenty

If I found the confidence, yeah, would she let me?

Or does it always have to be this way?

Joy Oladokun, “taking the heat”

What else am I gonna have to lose

What other magic tricks will I have to do

Until I finally have nothing to prove

Alextbh, “still mine”

You know I’ve not been thinking straight babe

‘Cause you’re still mine inside my head

Brandon Stansell, “Hometown”

Now, I can’t change it and that’s okay

‘Cause I’ve learned to let it go

It’s out of my control

It might sound crazy but

I should say thank you

‘Cause now I finally know who I really am

Carlos Vara, “Numb”

I’m not sure I have a choice

Too tangled up to know anymore

You fill me up to pour me out

You build me just to break me down

Donna Missal, “Girl”

But I wouldn’t choose this

When women hate on other women

Everybody loses, yeah, hey

Frankie Simone, “War Paint”

Beautiful! Rebel!

Flawless! Misfit!

Unbreakable! Lion-heart!

Victorious! Me

Grayson, “Brother”

Would it be for permanence sake

If I swear we’ll be better, will we be okay

Do you think you will come to forgive me?

Kiddy Smile, “Be Honest”

Give it a lil’ respect, whatever you expect, give a lil’ respect

If you want some in return

Leo Kalyan, “the edge”

I wonder if love is a crime as I stand on the ledge

I’m guessing that this is my time as I stand on the edge

My personal favorites from this list are “Cowboy”, “Taking the Heat”, and “The Edge”! I hope you enjoy these songs and find some new favorite queer artists to listen to!

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