15 Beautiful Warm Countries to Visit When You're Done with New England Weather

This week the weather in South Hadley has been devastating. It snowed on the 6th of April and I’m confused because isn’t it supposed to be spring? For those of you who are fed up of the whiplash that Western Massachusetts weather is giving you, here are 15 countries around the world you could move to for all year round beautifully warm weather (many have only specific regions that are warm all year so you may need to do a bit more research!), or at least dream about being in one of these lovely locations to keep you going until it really starts to get warmer (crossing my fingers that that’s soon)!


1. Ghana


2. Sri Lanka


3. Singapore


4. Jamaica


5. Brazil


6. Thailand


7. South Africa


8. Trinidad and Tobago


9. India


10. Australia


11. Kenya


12. Nigeria


13. Cyprus


14. Colombia


15. Ethiopia


I hope it gets warm soon, otherwise I’m packing up my bags. Although maybe I’ll go somewhere closer because of the exorbitant prices of international flights! Here I come Florida!


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