13 Hamilton Memes to Brighten Up Your Day

Ever since early 2017, my absolute favorite person Sam has been trying to get any and everyone to listen to Hamilton. This weekend, I finally caved and listened to the first act (second act pending, this musical is damn long) and finally got what the hype was all about. Now that I’m fully indoctrinated into the Hamilton fan club, I wanted to share some of the funniest memes that have made their way into my Instagram dms for the past year, because I finally understand them.

  1. When your brain is full of Hamilton lyrics rather than essential information



3.  Do what you love


5. #nofilter

6. You simply must meet Thomas

7. Me @ Sam

8. Hard same


9. Still problematic as hell, though

10. “My garbage child.” - Sam

“No, Sam, he’s just trash.” - Lyssi

11.When you fuck up real good

12. Me @ Sam, part 2


13. Sam @ me



If you’re looking for a way to spend literally one million hours of your life (but still have fun), check out the Hamilton soundtrack and work on scoring some tickets to see the show!


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