11 Buzzfeed Quizzes to Take When You're Bored

Despite the fact that college students are given what seems like mountains of homework per week, there are still moments where we find ourselves sitting alone, not sure what to do with our free time. Usually I’ll read a book or go for a walk, but sometimes I just don’t have enough  time or patience to do these.

So, when I find myself with twenty minutes of free time, what do I do instead? I automatically go onto the BuzzFeed website. I didn’t know about BuzzFeed until my sophomore year of high school, when my friend sent me a link to a funny article called something among the lines of “75 Thoughts Every Runner Has”, since I was part of my school’s track team at the time.  Since then, I have gotten into the habit of going onto BuzzFeed every time I feel bored and want something fun and easy to do.

My favorite section on BuzzFeed is the Quizzes, but there are also general articles where you can read about celebrities, food, and politics. I really like the quizzes because they’re usually humorous, silly, and extremely fun to take.

Below, I’ve listed some of the most entertaining BuzzFeed Quizzes for you to take if you're looking for fun ways to use up time! If you like these ones, head over to the BuzzFeed website which has an endless collection of quizzes, and take as many as your heart desires.


1. “Which Triwizard Tournament Champion Are You Based On Your Zara Clothing Preferences?


2. “Answer These Questions Honestly And We’ll Give You An Inspirational Quote”


3. “Pretend To Go To College And We’ll Reveal Who Your Celebrity RA Is.”


4. “Everyone Has A Type of Cat That Matches Their Personality Perfectly-- Here’s Yours  


5. "Describe Your Life And We’ll Title Your Autobiography"


6. “Can You Keep This Plant Alive?”


7. “Pick Some Tapas And We’ll Reveal Your Favorite Color”


8. “Can You Pass This Lie Detector Test?”



9. “Can You Name 50 Countries in Three Minutes?”


10.  “Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words”


11. “What Would Be Your Fate In The Hunger Games?”

Happy BuzzFeed-Quiz-Taking!!


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