Your Personalized Guide to Moon Water

So, over quarantine, something I invested a good deal of time into was watching reality TV, and as many of us know, reality TV can be rather interesting — from the people starring in it, to the overall synopsis, to those little moments that make you laugh your socks off or cry your eyes out, and more. That said, one of the shows that had me hanging most this summer was Married At First Sight, and for any MAFS fans out there, I hope y’all remember Beth and Jamie from Season 9 because not only are they difficult to forget, but they introduced me to something incredibly unique: moon water. 

Basically, during an episode, Beth and Jamie were in their apartment and she was telling him how she leaves water outside during the full moon to drink the next morning, burns sage through her house, and meditates - all to honor the presence of the full moon, inhale all of the good vibes, and release any negativity that was occurring in her life during that cycle. Jamie thought the idea of moon water seemed a little obscure, but for his wife and his marriage that was in a rough spot at the time, he figured he’d give it a go and see if it actually worked. 

Like Jamie, this idea sounded so out of the ordinary to me - inhaling the moon’s energy by drinking water? A little odd if you ask me. However, after doing more research on it, I discovered that moon rituals have been around for centuries, and they are a great, easy way to absorb a new aura of energy for a set of time, until the next one comes around and you can rejuvenate again. 

Nonetheless, I engaged in my first full moon ritual back in August when I left water out on my windowsill, burned a chakra candle from Five Below, and meditated to a meditation I found on YouTube, and honestly, I felt as if everything I did worked. It was like everything I read was true, as I felt a new sense of energy within me and my spirit had awakened. 

Odd? 100%. Conspiracy theory worthy? Without a doubt. Legitimate? Yes. 

All that said, I want to be clear that it’s not like my life changed completely after I drank my moon water (which is sometimes what people think will happen to them). However, I simply felt myself being re-energized and ready to tackle the month’s challenges. Also, it is important to go into the process with an open mind - because if you are against believing in it, it won’t work. 

Hence, now that I’ve told you a little bit about moon water and my experience with it, let me tell you how you can do it yourself! 

  1. Fill any vessel with water. If you want to personalize your moon water just a little more, your vessel can fit the energy you want to bring into the month. For example, in the past, I’ve used an orange cup that says “Hey Y’all” on it. I chose this cup because orange represents a lot of qualities I hope to embody in myself continuously, such as enthusiasm and determination. Also, I think “Hey Y’all” is such a welcoming saying, and I like to think this is a good way for the moon to invite me into its next cycle. 

  2. Place the vessel either outside or inside on a windowsill to absorb the moon’s energy. I prefer to keep it inside, but it’s up to you! Leave it overnight, and if you can’t directly see the full moon from where your vessel is, no worries - the sky and the stars are full of its energy as well! 

  3. In the morning, drink it up first thing! Allow yourself to drink it before any other substance enters your body so then it doesn’t interfere with the power of anything else trying to settle itself in your system. 

  4. Enjoy it and feel ALL the vibes. 

Also, that’s just the minimum! If you wish, feel free to meditate, burn sage or an aura candle, put crystals in your water for a little more power, or anything else that helps you re-energize!  All in all, I know this whole idea is questionable and undoubtedly out-of-the-box-unordinary, but I recommend trying it at least once just to see how it goes! If you’re feeling like you need a little “pizazz,” be on the lookout for the next full moon! 

Remaining Full Moon Dates for 2020: 

October 1st (Full Harvest Moon)

October 31st (Full Hunter’s Moon)

November 30th (Full Beaver Moon)

December 29th (Full Cold Moon)