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Will You Be My Valentine in Black History Month?

February is a month that celebrates so many beautiful and encouraging topics from Black history to Valentine’s Day. Some may put their focus on the encouraging and inspiring features of Black history; some may be completely dawned by the features of the spirit of V-Day, but what if we were to combine the two themes into one? You may ask how would that look? Well, I will surely tell you that if we were to take one of the main focuses of Black history and combine it with one of the main focuses of V-Day it would be presented as the empowering beauty of love. Black History month indicates that we celebrate and recognize the beauty of empowering moments in African-American history while Valentine’s Day indicates expressing adoration to one another through showing appreciation of their trials of endearment. The connection between these two topics is how we are acknowledging something that we as individuals respect. Respecting the equal rights of Black Americans and respecting the expression of loving each other gives us the motivation to come together as one. The empowering beauty of love gives us all the chance to acknowledge the remarkable moments in our lives that we all share with one another.

I'm currently a student at Michigan State University and I major in Neuroscience. I have a passion for music, writing, and science! Very excited to become part of the HC family!!
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