Why Valentine’s Day is Actually a Cute Holiday


We’ve all heard it - Valentine’s Day is just a dumb, made-up, “Hallmark holiday” intended to have you spend more money. Many say that you should celebrate your partner and make them feel loved every day, so what’s the point of Valentine’s Day? While I agree that, yes, you should make your partner feel loved and special all the time, it also is fun to have a day designated solely just for that. I think it gives everyone a reason to celebrate love since we often don’t as much as we should. 

One reason why I think many despise Valentine’s Day, especially when they are single, is because they only associate it with couples and romantic relationships. However, you don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate love. There is love in many different aspects of your life - whether that is with your mom, sister, best friend, cousin, etc. There is no rule saying you can only enjoy the holiday if you have a significant other. Go on a date with your best friend! I have done this many different years and it always ends up being a fun day. 

There are many different ways you can show love to the people you care about on Valentine’s Day. For example, last year, I sent three of my closest friends each $5 to go get a coffee on me. I also got a little $10 gift for my roommate which consisted of nail polish, a face mask, and some candy. Little things like this go a long way and are so simple. Of course, however, you do not need to show love through materialistic things. You can instead write them a note, make them something handmade, or bake a cake together.   Even just sending a simple text saying you love and care about them can make their day. 

Especially during these times, especially amidst the pandemic and our divided world, we all could use a little more love. Take advantage of this holiday and spread some joy to those most important in your life. Don’t be bitter because you think you can only celebrate it if you are in a relationship. Celebrate it however you want with whoever you want! A day all about love is definitely a day worth celebrating.