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Why Netflix’s Cheer is a Show for Everyone

This spring break, I had a staycation. I would sleep in until noon, snack all day, and go through all the shows and movies on my Netflix recommended list. Something that peaked my interest was the docuseries Cheer. I know it had its hype earlier in the year but, as always, I was showing up late to the game. When I had all the time in the world this break I ended up binging the whole thing in two days.

Each episode is around an hour which seems long, but every episode is filled with so much drama and action that time will fly by. The series has 6 parts and follows the Navarro College cheer team’s journey to the national championship in Daytona, Florida.

 In this docuseries, you follow the stories of a few of the Navarro athletes, specifically their childhoods and their struggles. I gained a new sense of respect for these athletes. It seems as if they train 24/7 but also attend classes and have a certain academic requirement to maintain. The sport is both physically and mentally demanding so injuries and breakdowns are common. It’s inspiring to see how dedicated these athletes are because they train hard and put their bodies through a lot of stress. 

Originally, I had no background knowledge on the sport of cheerleading. I was never involved when I was younger and I’ll admit that I believed a strong stereotype about cheerleaders. However, this show completely changed my mindset. I realized that the standard and skill level for cheer has increased and they’re no longer seen as the pretty girls on the sidelines. 

I think this docu-series is for everyone because it checks a lot of boxes. It has drama, suspense, and action. After watching Cheer, I missed the feeling of being on a team and I felt inspired to be fit and train. Cheer is a feel-good series for anyone who likes competition and real-life stories. 

I am a freshman at Michigan State University studying Neuroscience and minoring in Chinese.
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