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Why I Prefer the One Step Blow Dryer Over a Regular Hair Dryer

Recently, I have gotten into doing my hair and one of the main tools I use is the One Step blow dryer by Hot Tools. Not only is it easy and convenient, but it is also super fast at drying out my hair. I used to think that using this tool would damage my hair, but with the proper hair care, I found that the One Step is not damaging at all. The perks of this dryer to me personally are amazing as it is so convenient for taking along to go and, when using it on the hair, it leaves the hair silk smooth.

When you get started with the dryer it is important to note that keeping hair seventy percent dry before blow drying will help give the best results. This is because the hair is dried and still retains enough wetness and moisture but not too much that the hair will become frizzy from the heat. Having hair too wet or even too dry can result in frizzy hair or no results. It is all important to note that hair should be parted in multiple sections, starting from the bottom and working to the top. 

Lastly, I want to say that everyone has different types of hair, so this product can work in favor of them or not. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out how it is expected. I used to love using a regular hair dryer, but once I started using the hot tools one step, I completely switched my mind. It made my hair look better than it used to. I love that it works so fast and efficiently. The only downside to this tool is you cannot adjust the temperature of the heat. It only comes in three hear options: low, high, and cool. Even though there are only a few options, the tool still does just the trick.

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