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On Friday, April 3rd All Time Low released their 8th album, Wake Up, Sunshine. It is a new era of All Time Low, but they strayed away from their sound in Last Young Renegade (their most recent album before this) and back to their old music. There is still more pop than there is punk, but after experimenting with LYR it seems that they have met somewhere in the middle and found a sound that they are happy with and proud of.


1. Some Kind of Disaster

This was the first taste of the new album that we got, and from the start it was clear that this entire album would be giving off some Nothing Personal vibes. It also has some of my favorite lyrics off of the album. This song will be near and dear to All Time Low fans as it was the first song released after a short break. It was the best way to end the era of the young renegades and introduce the era of our favorite disasters.


2. Sleeping In

This is both Alex’s and my personal favorite song off of this album, I love the lyrics, I love the video, the overall vibe, everything. When someone asks me for an All Time Low song, this is the one I tell them. I’m also not the biggest fan of acoustic versions of songs but the acoustic version of Sleeping In is truly beautiful and presents the song and the lyrics differently.


3. Getaway Green

This is technically the first song that they put out from this album, they debuted it last summer at Slam Dunk Festival by performing it live as a surprise. At this point the album was still in the works and hadn’t even been announced. This song wasn’t played again until recently when they finally debuted the studio version. It is a close second to Sleeping In. This song is definitely a summer vibe and one to sing out loud, as loudly as you can.


4. Melancholy Kaleidoscope

This is Zack’s – the bassist’s – favorite song off of the album. It personally isn’t one of my favorites, not to say it’s a bad song, I just find it to be very similar to some old songs and not really unique or one that I am always listening to. Although, I must say the instrumentals are killer.


5. Trouble Is

Another one that isn’t really one of my favorites, mainly because it’s similar to a lot of other songs, I like the concept of it and the lyrics, the sound just isn’t one of my favorites.


6. Wake Up, Sunshine

A song so good, they named the entire album after it. The instrumentals, the lyrics, the vocals, everything is perfect on this track. I would recommend this song to anyone, even people that aren’t into pop punk and other bands like All Time Low.


7. Monsters (feat. blackbear)

This is Jack’s favorite from the album and was the last song released prior to the album, even though it was released only like 30 minutes before the album came out. All Time Low and blackbear is an interesting collaboration to say the least, but I think this will put new fans onto All Time Low since the two fan bases are incredibly different. To me, this gives off insane Future Hearts era vibes.


8. Pretty Venom (interlude)

This song is a weird mix of giving off a completely new sound and some older sound.  Overall it’s a pretty decent song.


9. Favorite Place (feat. The Band CAMINO)

A bop. I truly do love this song, this is the kind of song people will keep coming back to even once the days of Wake Up Sunshine are over. This seems like it will be a fan favorite in my personal opinion.


10. Safe

I am also getting subtle, very subtle, Future Hearts vibes. A sweet song and I feel like this is going to be a song that really fits in this era.


11. January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)

I really like the two part thing going on with this album, this is another one that will really define this current era in my opinion. I can also see myself going back to this song constantly.


12. Clumsy

The guys label this song as one that could have been put onto any of their albums during their time and fit in perfectly and that is the best way to sum it up. It is strange in the sense that it could literally fit in anywhere but it is a complete bop and will be a defining All Time Low song.


13. Glitter and Crimson

One of my favorite songs from this album, it was one that took everyone aback, I don’t want to say it was unexpectedly good, it just took everyone aback and it’s the one where when you’re listening to the album for the first time, you go to check what song is playing and replay it immediately to make sure you didn’t miss anything.


14. Summer Daze (Seasons Pt. 2)

Rian’s favorite song from the album and another pop bop, I feel like it will be good for it’s time but not one that will stand out from this era.


15. Basement Noise

Another one of my top tracks, it can be kind of emotional to listen to this and realize how far this band has come and how many people have grown up listening to the band. Disregarding this aspect it is still an amazing song and the best way to end the album even though it makes me wonder about what will be coming next for them.


This album has received lots of mixed reviews from the fandom, some people are labeling it as their favorite, their least favorite, but a majority seem to be placing it somewhere in the middle. I feel like this will be a good show to see live but probably not one of their best tours. 


Personally I’m placing it at my 4th favorite behind Nothing Personal, Future Hearts, and Last Young Renegade. But obviously everyone has their own opinion.


I love how it brings back in the best of all their eras, and that seems to be the consensus amongst most of their fans. I love the title and feel like it is perfect for this time and perfect for the place that all of the guys are in right now.


As of right now All Time Low is still set to be headlining Sad Summer Fest with this album and accompany 5SOS for the Europe leg of the No Shame Tour, but this could change.


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