Three Terrific Games to Play Anytime On Your Doorstep this Summer!

Lockdown measures, such as the closure of restaurants, open spaces, and parks, are beginning to ease as we see the trees bloom and the arrival of summer, bringing more promising days ahead. But lockdown measures, such as international travel for summer holidays, persist. I have three amazing games that I would like to recommend to you for the summer. Check them out!

Geo Online Flight Simulator:

Waiting to board your next flight? Geo Flight Simulator gives you the clearance! Fly to any destination of your choice and favor using your laptop’s touchpad or computer mouse. The simulator offers realism when it comes to flying, weather conditions, and daylight. The simulator also has a multiplayer option, allowing you to fly with others online. 


Interested in urban planning and cities? Well, Sim City allows one to construct a city with their vision and deploy their creativity using the tools and components. Bring an exquisite and innovative flavor to your city!


Miss collaborating and spending time with friends when going for trails or serving the community? Farmville can be played from your Facebook account wherein you can invite your friends to become your farm neighbors. Grow your farm by raising animals and plant a variety of crops. Don’t miss out on farm adventures with your neighbors!

Still craving for your exotic summer vacations? Although we might not get to be together physically, games on technology like these can still bring us together, no matter how distanced we are. Who knows? How we can spend this summer can result in constructing one unforgettable and memorable summer in our lifetimes! Hence, let’s begin to enjoy a summer in a way that we might not have imagined and which perhaps our usual routine summer vacations wouldn’t allow. Looking forward to having a safe and relaxing summer!