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Three Noteworthy Experiences From Quarantine

Quarantine has to be the most unexpected event in Gen Z’s lifetime. Who would have thought that we would go under lockdown from a sudden spread of global pandemic? That being said, although 2020 has been a series of unexpected events, there are some lessons we can carry with us for the rest of our lives: ones that are not that easily seen among the immense negativity toward the “falling 20s”.

Social Activism

Being a teenager/ young adult, we’re constantly surrounded by social media with multiple people expressing themselves. Even then, I had a very small understanding of global issues that persisted. Quarantine has sparked a huge social activism movement and has gotten many young adults involved with global and local issues that needed light to be shed on. From the largest BLM movement, to Yemen Starvation, to the Chinese Concentration Camps, and the Lebanon Blast, quarantine has allowed everyone (especially youth) to get involved and bring change through virtual platforms that have become rather powerful. Some methods still effective today include:

- Petitions 

- Donations

- Sharing and Educating

- Creating new organizations & groups fueling intellectual discussion and progression. 

Overall, quarantine has allowed for a growth in virtual social activism to be accessible to a large range of groups who are able to unite to achieve a greater goal.


Adjusting & finding new hobbies

Quarantine meant most shops and services were temporarily closed. For most people, some services that have become a weekly necessity needed a new detour. This meant home remedies and trying something new. 

Beauty & Health 

Quarantine has encouraged the usage of homemade remedies for treating the skin, hair, body, and health. It has also engaged many understanding of skincare & involvement with beauty.  This includes research on what ingredients work best for specific needs, thereby creating overall more informed young adults.

Online thrifting 

My favorite discovery during quarantine has to be online thrifting and supporting resale. It’s a fun way to buy cheap and cute clothes supporting small businesses on all types of platforms such as Instagram, Depop, Facebook, and etc.


Quarantine has allowed for more time for people to figure out a at-home fitness routine that best works for them. Whether it be 10 minutes of yoga in the morning or multiple hours of at-home reps, people have had resources through online platforms and apps to choose a basic yet effective routine. 

Famous followings include: 

Chloe Ting challenges 

The seven-minute workout app.

Zoom/ Screen share

Creativity has even sparked through technology as more people found effective ways to connect with family and friends and have virtual hangouts/dates.

Creating content on an online platform 



Instagram/ IGTV

Self Discovery

Self-discovery happens through every stage of one’s life. Quarantine, however, has especially fostered realization and recognition.


In terms of family, being in the house for a longer period of time than usual you learn to adjust, cooperate, and understand each other. From doing activities to suffice boredom or to strengthen bonds, each family has found a way to cope with being together. Some of which were helpful include:

- Baking & Cooking - my family had found time every evening to try a snack to share. Those few hours of togetherness have created endless memories.

- Gardening & Cleaning - I’m sure many of us have done some sort of organizing, cleaning, sorting, or planting. This activity has helped clear things out and feel secure in a cleaner and fresh environment.


Being in lockdown parties, school, and events being closed have strained multiple relationships. Without being able to have in-person contact every day with multiple people some relationships faded away. However, quarantine has helped in recognizing true friendships and bonds unbreakable regardless of the distance.

-Conversations with the few friends who never die out help recognize who you truly enjoy spending time with.

-Friends who still check-up, send memes, updates, or even social distanced visits helped people understand who truly values their presence and contribution.

Three experiences are nearly not enough to show the multiple experiences and lessons quarantine and being in a global pandemic has taught as. From empathy, sadness, fear, productivity, laziness, and happiness in minute details, quarantine has shaped each individual differently. 

Bhavya is the head of social media and is an assistant editor for MSU's chapter of Her Campus. She is a sophomore majoring Genomics and Molecular Genetics with a minor in Environment and Health. Her writing interests include: lifestyle, beauty, health, and wellness.
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