Thoughts Every Language Major/Minor Has

Pretty much everyone that chooses to study a second language in college goes into it thinking it will take much less time than expected, and it will be much easier than it actually is. Even I can attest to this. I’ve been studying Italian for the past four years, and I am still nowhere near as proficient as I would like to be.

At the end of the day, even though you wouldn’t take back studying a second language, you can’t help but think:


1. I’ll be fluent by the time I graduate… NOT.


2. Why did I choose to study a second language again?


3. (After running into someone that speaks the language you’re studying and you attempt to conversate)

Yup, definitely not as proficient as I thought...


4. Why are verb conjugations and gender articles a thing? My pencil isn’t a woman; it’s just a pencil!


5. Someday I’ll move to ___ and be able to speak perfectly!


6. And I thought this would be so easy that I could take on a third language… Nope!


7. Can we just have a Nutella party in class today?


8. What would I do without Google Translate?


9. I have no idea what my professor is saying half of the time.


10. Slow down; I can’t translate that fast!


11. Did I really just have a dream in ___ ?!