Things to Do this Semester at MSU

So I know we’re all bummed to go back to classes, homework, and stress, but there’s a lot of good things about spring semester. As a junior, I believe I have some experience, and below I’ve listed a few things Michigan State students have to do this semester.

  1. 1. Attend a Basketball Game at the Breslin Center and Sit in the Izzone

    Our team is currently ranked at number 8 (we were actually ranked number one at the beginning of the season but we lost our first game to D*ke, and it went downhill after that), and we have the best point guard in the country — Cassius Winston, so there really isn’t a better team to go watch at the Breslin.

  2. 2. Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

    If you’re a freshman, you’re in for a wild ride. Saint Patrick’s is probably the most celebrated holiday at MSU. We like to get rowdy, and we love any excuse to drink. The festivities usually start around 6 a.m., so make sure you get a good night’s rest, and don’t forget to wear green.

  3. 3. Attend a Show at the Wharton Center

    MSU usually puts on a concert for its students during the spring semesters. Last year, it was Quinn XCII, and Logic has performed in the past as well. This year’s performer hasn’t been announced yet; however, there are more than just concerts at the Wharton Center. There have also been broadway shows — and this year’s it’s Wicked. You don’t want to miss that.

  4. 4. Visit the Eli Broad Art Museum

    Since it’s chilly out, this is a really good spot to hang out. It has many exhibitions and best of all — IT’S FREE. Also, the museum has appeared in the movie Batman vs. Superman, so that’s pretty cool.

  5. 5. Plan a Fun Spring Break Trip With Your Pals

    The only break we get this semester is spring break, so why not make it a good one? Most college students like to get out of Michigan and go to warmer weather like Florida or even out of the country. But if you don’t have the money, staying in Michigan and going skiing or up north can still be fun if you go with the right people.

  6. 6. Ice Skate at Munn Ice Arena

    And lastly, going ice skating with your friends is something different and fun to do. It’s $5 for MSU students —so don’t forget to bring your ID, long socks (the skates can really hurt if you don’t), and your closest pals for a fun evening.

Hope this little list makes your semester more exciting. Good luck with your classes, and GO GREEN!