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Hello, little pumpkins! I have created a list of “Who Am I” trivia questions of famous slashers who some of them have significant franchises. Let’s put your knowledge to the test and see how much of a horror fanatic you are. The answers are at the end but BEWARE..NO PEEKING!

Trivia: Name that Villain 

  1. I stalk teenagers, particularly babysitters, on a night of trick or treating, I watch, I seek and I prey on those who are vulnerable and can’t see me, Who Am I?
  1. Don’t visit this sacred lake where I was bullied and drowned, but if you do you’ll have consequences and I’ll be in a hockey mask to hunt you down. Who Am I?
  1. I come in your dreams and depict your worst fears. I also have a hand that imitates knives and you’ll hear them screeching when I’m near. Who am I?
  1. I’m not just a doll that can talk and move, but I have a soul in need of a body and if it’s a kid’s I’ll approve. Who Am I?
  1. I’m insecure so I cover my face with my victim’s skin, but I feel powerful with my chainsaw from the anger within. Who Am I?
  1. I prank call people about their favorite scary movie, but I always trip over everything so I’m considered goofy. Who Am I?
  1. I will kidnap and drug you just to play mind games. If you lose which you will, there will be no one to blame. Who Am I?
  1. I’m a creepy clown, That’s “IT”…that’s all I got. Who Am I?
  1. I awaken every 23 years in the spring to hunt for my prey. If I find the scent in your fear delicious I’ll chase and snatch all the ones “I Pick” for 23 days. Who Am I?

Some tips for you:

Don’t babysit any kids all night and you’ll have a happy Halloween which of course, this year, is not on a Friday, keeping in mind the numbers 31st can be backwards for 13th. Hopefully, you don’t live anywhere near Elm street or have a red front door. Perhaps just don’t fall asleep if you ever want to wake up again. Don’t have any big life-sized creepy dolls anywhere in the house, or at least have them locked away. Go as far away as possible if you live in the middle of nowhere if you’re located by a creepy old barn house. Also, just don’t answer the phone to tell anyone what’s your favorite scary movie. Actually, don’t answer the phone at all (let it go to voicemail). Make sure to not get drugged by eating things from others or leaving your drink and coming back for it. If you do, you’re going to be a victim of a kidnapping and in for some horrific mind games. Either you don’t go near any children or never leave a child out of your sight since there are mysteriously disappearing children out there. Lastly, if you see a big, dark, bat, flying monster, human that is snatching people in cornfields, find a school bus and hide, but it probably already smelt you anyway. If you’re in the clear of these scenarios kudos to you….. but if you are babysitting in the middle of nowhere on a road called Elm Street near a Crystal Lake, a cornfield, and an old barn house that may have chainsaws in there while having a large doll that keeps moving by itself in an unlocked room, and the phone keeps ringing while you’re drifting off into nightmares after feeling drowsy and sleepy when you took a drink from the cup you left unattended, and one of the children has gone missing… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


  1. Michael Myers (Halloween)
  2. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  3. Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)
  4. Chucky (A Child’s Play)
  5. Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  6. Ghostface (Scream)
  7. Jigsaw aka John Kramer (Saw)
  8. Pennywise (IT)
  9. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
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