Steven Town '15

The Basics 

Name: Stephen Town

Hometown: Traverse City

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Relationship Status: Single

MSU Life 

Activities: Baja Team

Best Class: Sailing

Worst Class: Electronic Instruments and Systems

Favorite Place to Study: My room

Favorite Place to Eat: Pizza House

Where can you be found on campus: Engineering Building

Best MSU memory so far: My first Michigan vs. Michigan State game when we sat in the third row. I got to go on the field to do the field games, and I won a free pizza from Pizza House. 

Favorite Spot: The forest in front of the Library.

Favorite MSU Sport: Football

Typical Saturday: Looking for trouble.


Fun Fact

Biggest Pet Peeve: Loud chewing and noises while eating.

Favorite thing you did this summer: Faster Horses Music Festival

Guilty Pleasure: Pizza Rolls

Favorite Movie: Horrible Bosses

Celeb Crush: Jennifer Aniston

In 10 years: I would like to have a family, a house, and a boat.

Top three things on your Bucket List: 

1. Sky Dive

2. Run a marathon

3. Sail around the world.


Love Life: 

First thing you notice about a girl: Face and intelligence

Ideal Date: Anything, as long as there is something to talk about, awkward silence is the worst.

Funny Date Story: I tried to be cool and take this girl on a date in my dads 1967 Camaro, and I couldn’t get it started at her house. 

Deal Breaker: A girl that is uptight.

Pick up Line: Do you have a library card? Because I’m checking you out.