Staying Safe During Spring Break

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: spring break! With midterms behind us and our glorious vacation time nearly in arms reach, we’re ready to let loose and have fun. However, it’s important we stay safe while doing this. No matter where you end up, here are some applicable ways to make sure you and yours stay safe.


1. The Buddy System

Remember in elementary school when we had to have a buddy come with us virtually everywhere? Yeah, we’re bringing that back. Whether you’re going to the bathroom or to grab another margarita, make sure you have someone venture with you. There’s a lot of creeps in the world. Especially if you’re involving alcohol, you want to take extra precautions!


2. Pace Yourself

I know, I know, we hear this all the time (and honestly, we all laugh at it). But when you’re away from your friends and your comfort zone, things and people don’t know you and aren’t always looking out for your best interest. Make sure that you’re pacing yourself with the drinks (and always finding a responsible designated driver to take you and your gals home afterwards).


3. Don't Set Your Drinks Down

At 20 years old, my own father still tells me this! He’s right, though: there’s an abundance of substances that can be dumped into your drinks, open or not. Be sure to always keep them in your line of vision, never walking away from them without finishing them entirely.

Here at HCMSU, we want you to have fun this spring break! Whether you’re skiing in the Rockies, sunbathing in Santorini or bar crawling back home― staying safe will guarantee you a fun and memorable time.