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Start of the Semester as told by “New Girl”

Winter break, a magical time of indulging in homemade meals and watching entire Netflix series in three days. Yet here we are, back to reality, and even though we love our university, we are not mentally prepared for another semester. No one can better describe our turmoil than the characters of “New Girl.”

1.  Sad to leave your family, but happy to be back with your friends.

2. Realizing that you are completely unprepared for the first days of class.

3. But you still try to convince yourself this semester will be different.

4. Navigating through the sea of freshman while they try and figure out where Wells Hall is. 4. When your prof says you have to read to be successful in their class.

5. Or that attendance is required.

6. When that person you sat with on the first day sits with you on the second day.

7. The inevitable textbook shopping…

8. Feeling proud of yourself for making it through the first week.

9. Making sure you celebrate collecting those syllabuses? Syllabi? Whatever, let’s party.

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