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St. Patrick’s Day at MSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.


1. It’s acceptable to wake up at 8 am in order to start drinking.

2. You picked out your St. Patrick’s Day outfit decked with green beads, green paint, green hair, green clothes… etc.

3. Two words… Green Beer.

4. If one more person pinches you, you’re likely to punch them in the face.

5. You’ve saved up your one excused absence in class just so you could skip.



6. You’re not really sure why St. Patricks Day is actually celebrated.


7. You’ve mapped out the entire day, which bars you will be attending, and which parties you plan on checking out.

8. It’s nap time, not because you’re tired, but because you need to sleep off the alcohol so you can keep drinking.


9. Liquor stores prepare for a large amount of sales.

10. You become either very proud of being Irish, or wish you were Irish.

11. Cops are out handing out MIPs like lucky charms.

12. The next morning, your only memories are the crazy pictures on your phone.

Alena Davis is a senior journalism major at MSU and co-campus correspondent for HCMSU. She hopes to pursue a career in magazines based in New York or Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, Instagramming and excursioning with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @alenaadavis & Instagram: @alenadavis