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Shows to Binge Watch After Finals

Finals week is the most stressful week of the semester by far. During finals and the weeks leading up to them, you have no time to do anything but study and finish assignments for the end of the semester. After finals, though, the semester is over and you have almost a month off – and one of the best ways to unwind and give your brain a break is to binge watch a TV show. Here are some great TV shows with a lot of episodes that will give you the much-needed break you deserve!

“The Vampire Diaries”

“The Vampire Diaries” has eight seasons, lots of twists and turns, really hot vampires, and a huge love triangle – what else could you need in a show to binge? In all seriousness, the character development and passion in this show is a must-watch. It’ll kill a lot of time over your holiday break!

“Gossip Girl”

“Gossip Girl” has six seasons and TONS of drama, and is worthy of being your favorite guilty pleasure. Dive into the world of the upper east side, frenemies, and scandals.

“Grey’s Anatomy”

Grey’s is  currently on season 14, and it’s still going. It just aired its 300th episode, so you’ll have plenty to binge if you pick to watch it. It has very far-out situations and characters you root for, and the first few seasons are great.

“Parks and Recreation”

“Parks and Rec” is often compared to “The Office,” but in my opinion, it’s better. It has seven seasons and will make you actually laugh out loud while you’re watching it. The characters are extremely lovable and memorable. Make sure you power through the first season if you watch it, because it gets better after that!


Enter the life of the Gallaghers, the family living on the southside of Chicago — this show will make you laugh and cry because of how messed up some of it is. It’s currently on season eight, so there is plenty to catch up on!


The seventh and final season is currently on air, and hopefully it goes out with a bang. “Scandal” is full of, unsurprisingly, scandals, and Olivia Pope will both inspire you and make you heavily question the government (more than you already do at this point in time.)


The classic comedy to binge. If you want a funny sitcom that will make you laugh and take up a lot of time,”Friends”“ is your best bet. There are 10 seasons, and it’s a classic — if you haven’t seen it, you need to.

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